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Piercing Pagoda
Not really 14k like they garentee

Had a ear pierced! It was a couple weeks my ear was bothering me so took it out, it bleed, so put in a known 14k I have worn for years, it cleared up. Put the earring back in from Pagoda with a known 14k back, now after 6 weeks it still haven't healed, took it out and won't put it in again. The back sticks to a magnet, proof ...

Piercing Pagoda
Scam credit card application

My wife asked to be placed on their mailing list to receive information. She only gave her name and address. Next thing we know we get a letter in the mail from CitiBank (affiliated with Piercing Pagoda) and they claimed my wife tried to open a credit card with them. They work with CitiBank to obtain also the birthday and SSN ...

Piercing Pagoda
Nose Piercing

I stupidly had my nose pierced spur of the moment there because for some reason the gun seemed less intimidating than the needle (never, get your nose pierced with a gun ever by the way, higher risk of infection and cartilage shatter among other things). The girl seemed nice and it was over quickly, however a day or two later I ...