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Hold on my funds.

I recently had added some funds to my paypal account using a moneypak I purchased from a local CVS. I added the funds successfully to my account and also I already had funds in my account from sales on EBay. Well, I attempted to withdraw some funds and transfer them to my bank account which was already verified thru the PayPal ...

Is paypal the scam?

Does anybody know which department in the U.S. Oversees the practices taken by paypal? To summarize, seller did not list any shipping (zero), I won the bid and then my secretary paid the bill but when I reviewed the bill I found that $79 had been added to the amount for shipping. Paypal found in my favor and wanted me to ship ...

Horrible Customer Service

Trying to get through the awful voice menu is an absolute nightmare. It is a never-ending line of questions that need to be answered several times over because it can never understand me. When a real person is finally reached in India, transferring to a different department will almost guaranteed drop your call. I was trying ...

My credit card number was stolen.

I received an E-mail about updating my PayPal credit card account, when I opened the e-mail I found a link to go to my credit card information and I noticed today that someone stole my credit card numbers and charged my card with 463 dollars and the second transaction was about 900 dollars. The e-mail I received looked like it ...