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Predators watch
This company has somehow turned the legitimate and consential ads that I responded to on craigslist in to calling me a predator / they want money to take the data off the website and they warned me no

This company predators watch has stated that I am a predator. There is nothing to substantiate this accusation. I thought this was probably not something anyone else could view, and was some kind of scam. When I googled it was accessible to the public which is completely unacceptable. They have the nerve to ask for money to ...

Predators Watch
This company posted my picture and personal information on its website listing me as a sexual predator. The information was posted anonymously so I cannot face my accuser/s.

The Predators Watch online website lists my picture and personal information in a profile. On their website, I am listed as sexual predator. My profile was added anonymously so I cannot face my accuser/s. I do not have a criminal record of any kind, including any sexual based offenses. The Predators Watch site is accessible ...