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Serta Mattress
Mrs. Gaile Smothers

Bought a Serta Alaskan Pine Pillow Soft mattress @$1300 two years ago. After sleeping on the mattress for a couple of nights I felt the mattress was far too soft to be the firm mattress that I had requested. I tried putting up with it but now mattress is extremely saggy and difficult to sleep on especially when one has a bad ...

Serta Mattress
Vera Wang by Serta

My husband and I have slept on a king set for almost two years. We keep thinking the sagging will stabilize and it hasn't. It's getting worse. It's probably over the 1 1/2" limit. I read many complaints on this website over a year ago. There are more now. Always about sagging. I tell everyone I can about Serta's poor quality. ...

Serta Mattress
Serta sag-a-lot... Terrible mattress!

Serta Excalibur pillow top mattresses... DO NOT BUY! After purchasing one I had a friend tell me be bought the same one. He blamed the sagging black hole in the middle of the bed on his pregnant less than one year I find myself hanging on for dear life just waiting to roll into a similar hole. Why Menards continues to ...

Serta Mattress
Serta sucks!-what a rip off!

Ought a RimRock matress and within 6 months became terribly uncomfortable. Cannot even sleep in a year later. Paid a lot of money to get a good matress we thought. Now we try to get our "guaranteed customer satisfaction" and they will do nothing because the bed doesnt sag when it is unoccupied. I didnt buy the bed to look good ...