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Serta Mattress
Odor from Serta Mattress set

I bought a brand new Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress set in Feb. 2012. After 8 months, I started to smell a strong odor. I had my carpets cleaned and removed my dog. When I tried to cover the smell with candles or deodorizer... The smell intensified. The smell gets into the sheets and you notice the smell as soon as you enter ...

Serta Mattress
Serta Mattresses Sag—Buyer Beware!

Serta mattresses are junk—that's obvious! We're on our 2nd set, sagging again. Our first queen set was the Vera Wang wrapped coil model [about $1200]. It sagged and we paid to have a "third-party" company come to measure the sagging—it was 1/8" away from allowing us to get a replacement. My back hurt too much to continue using ...

Serta Mattress
Brand new stained and not new!

I bought a Serta for $1200. When it arrived it was set up by the delivery men and they left after hauling the old one away. When I went to put sheets on it I noticed it was stained and didn't feel right after the first night. I contacted Serta only to be told I would have to pay to ship it to them and they could check it out ...

Serta Mattress
Serta Gemini (pillow top)

I purchased a Serta Gemini in Sept 2013. It was great for the first couple months but in less than a year it started to sag in the middle. The sag is now so bad that I wake up in a lot of neck and back pain from my body trying to fight the angle on the mattress. My boyfriend and I are both normal weight people who sleep around ...