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Whole Foods Market
Very rude cashie

On 6/16/15 shopping at whole food TriBeCa in the evening around 9 pm, I had a very rude wholefood cashier employee, her budge name lanise. It's started with no greeting... I said good evening, she didn't respond... She was so engaged with her coworker chatting and laughing without makeup mg attention how organize my grocery ...

Whole Foods Market
Review about Cookies from Dallas, Texas

Lake Union, Seattle, WA, Whole Foods Store, insulted me with their weird grunge correctness... Cafe employee refused to sell and package a cookie for me to purchase at the check out counter a few feet in front of her, she said, "I'm afraid you'll run outside of the store and not pay for the cookie!!!" I just wanted to pay for ...

Whole Foods Market
Watch those prices!

WFM employees are taught to 'engage the customer with light banter." You'll notice the cashiers usually say inane things like. So, got big plans for the day...? There is a hidden agenda behind the "friendly" behavior, and it is the oldest in the book. It's distraction. If you care about money you spend, the friendly cashiering ...