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Electric Express
Washing machine

It has been a full month since I called the store to complain about my washing machine and it still has not been repaired. A repair agent was at my house and left without saying anything, I complained at the head office and was told they would call me in 5 working days but I have not received a call from the store or head ...

Poor and Delayed Service

It took from Tuesday 16 Feb (car accident happened 18h00 on Monday) to Tues 24 Feb at 10h00 to assess and authorise a simple repair. One week! If I fail to pay my premioum by one day the policy lapses. But the insurer needs 7 days to authorise a repair - an assessor can evaluate the damage in 30 min. Is this service? Then ...

Proline Panelbeaters
Can it be?

My car was taken to Proline Renewit Wynberg which is Lexus approved. They had the car for a month... A very long and difficult month. Mainly due to the lack of customer service. I had to follow up on calls, after being promised feedback. The embarrassing part is when the car was done I was called for the first time from this ...