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Rotten Meat

On the 25 of february 2015 I went to shopping at shoprite wynberg as I chenged from pick n pay to shop at shoprite, I then bought a pack of meat wich my wife made the same day of the 25th me and my son ate the meat but got sick the next next my whole fridge smelled had a foul smell of that meat, I'm very dissapointed is this ...

The Absa/Fica Zoo - Locking of Accounts

The bank 'locked' my account without prior warning on the 28th November 2014. On this date I called their call centre and was requested to send my ID and a utility a/c to an email address they supplied. The account stayed locked until I discussed the matter with a Mr Giovanne Hardenberg. He asked me for the same documents I ...

Mooo Shoes
Throwaway sandles

I bought a pair of sandals from Mooo Shoes 18 months ago for R140. It lasted 18 months. I bought a new pair in December for the same price last December. I found it strange that the price had not gone up. I noticed that the main strap was narrower. (Cutting costs). After 2 weeks I noticed that the heels were wearing badly. This ...

Lisabank Repossession Warehouse
Great service - kuda

We have been dealing with Kuda at Lisabank for the last few weeks and yesterday my wife collected the vehicle we decided to all this time Kuda has been a pleasure to deal with, he answers queries promptly and is always willing to help with any questions. We asked for certain things to be done to the vehicle and those ...