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Telkom incompetent

We logged a call with Telkom last week only to be told the query ref 560400896 went into a "black hole", had to log another call ref 109AWK230215, now we are sitting without service until Telkom decides its convenient for them... There is no pride in service delivery... This is unacceptable and needs to be resolved today. This ...

Bayport Financial Services
Bad service

I've been struggling for 3 weeks now to get a loan from bayport financial services. If its not the one problem then its the other. Even eskom got blamed for their poor service. Not sure why this is happening cause I never had any issues with them. The cosultant at their wynberg branch was very helpful but their head office ...

Granite City
Stay away from this company!

They did a job for me and I paid them upfront. It took me 6 MONTHS and numerous calls to get them to finish. Eventually I had to go to their shop myself, refused to leave, until I got SOME service. I eventually finished the job myself. Benzie, Tazneen & Saraya will not hesitate to pass the buck & lie, not be accountable for ...