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Horrible service thus fa

This Complaint is in regards to Acc Number: 273310042 Me and My Partner ordered Item 90330 and received an sms stating we must pay R1306.90 which we did shortly after receiving the sms, This was the past Saturday. We then in turn checked on her profile on Monday and saw the item was out of stock. We phoned your help desk and ...

Pt Paint & Panel
I should've Listen

I should've listen to people when they warn me about PT Paint. Its 3 weeks now and I haven't received my car back I was promised it will be ready by Monday (After 2 weeks and has been with them). Then now they telling me that they are waiting for parts! How can you paint a car then realize that you dnt have parts how possible ...

Severe breach of contract and

Mrs Innocentia Mmapula Motsai signed a two year contract at Homechoice on 25th June 2013 which will expire on 25th May 2015. She received a S5 Appollo cellphone as part of her contract. During October 2014 she noticed that the speaker was not working and took it in to have it repaired. She was later informed that the phone was ...

Remove my name from ITC

I had an account with home choice that i opened long time ago. They handed over my account to dmc (real people), ive been making arrangements with dmc until i settled my debt, i've called the legal department so many times for this matter but still it has not been resolved. They gave me a fax no to send a paid up letter but ...

Hollard Insurance
Pathetic service

I had an accident on the 24th Dec, my car was towed after speaking to a Hollard consultant. A week later I spoke to Hunadi who assured me she had sent an assessor and my car would be towed to a panelbeater BB Cars Wynberg. Same lady calls me about 2 and a half weeks later to say I must find out from the panelbeater when the car ...