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Commercial Lock And Door Services
, Division Of 1144880 Ontario, Failed to pay, Failed to provide workers comp. Default on account, ripoff

This company agreed to pay 30 dollars an hour for an assistant locksmith services. When total hours were presented they failed to pay. After 2 years they finally paid less than 1/3 rd of what is owed only because Workers comp is on them for not paying for Workers Comp insurance while employed. The only reason we got 1/3 of ...

Ultimate Connexions
With holding of deposit without documentation of damages and refusal to return contact atttempts ripoff Bedfordshire

I have been attempting to contact this letting agency since January (it is now April) by both email and phone. I have only gotten through to them once to talk about returning my deposit of 600 pounds (over $1000). They stated that furnature was missing and the house was "trashed" but the do not have any documentation of this. ...

Two Prospect Street - 2 Prospect St-Mark March
Two Prospect Street - 2 Prospect St - Mark March apartment rental scam renters house hunters beware

This is an extremely vicious and cunning scam. The main reason for this is because it is technically legal and can leave house or apartment hunters penniless, without any legal recourse and without a roof! How does it work? It's terrifyingly efficient and childishly simple... As many of us know, a tenancy agreement doesn't ...