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Two Prospect Street - 2 Prospect St-Mark March
Two Prospect Street - 2 Prospect St - Mark March apartment rental scam renters house hunters beware

This is an extremely vicious and cunning scam. The main reason for this is because it is technically legal and can leave house or apartment hunters penniless, without any legal recourse and without a roof! How does it work? It's terrifyingly efficient and childishly simple... As many of us know, a tenancy agreement doesn't ...

Interlock Roofing - Supertile - Delta Roofing - International Exteriors Cross Border Scam update: They're gonna reshuffle the deck ALERT! Ripoff

Interlock is being phased out as is Internatioal Exteriors Ltd. Apparently Delta Roofing Products is Being poised as the "manufacturer" and the new trade name will be FutureRoof. They are still using the SuperTile name as well, but as the site graphics, copyright and other info are shared with Interlock they will be reshuffled ...

International Super Roof - Fin-all - Interlock
Ripoff, It only leaks when it rains, I could've done better with $17,000 one dollar bills

The five figure mistake! Fin-all does business under several names currently as interlock. The product does not perform and the company constantly re-organizes to avoid satisfying claims on their "lifetime" warranty. Apparently the lifetime referred to is that of the installation shell company formed to rip you off. If you ...

Pacific Western
Furnaces ripoff bought furnace 3 years ago 12,000 dllars this week all the vwelds in top let go theres supposed to be 20 year warranty but cannot contact pacific western

We bought a outdoor woodfurnace 3 years ago& paid over 12,000 for it that came with a lifetime warrantylast week i opened the door & water came pouring out all the welds in the top let go & it is an inclosed unit called dealer we bought it from all they said was they could get a welder to TRY &fix it but there would be no ...