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I was involved with this; BIG MISTAKE!

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I was involved with PSI back in 2006. Big Mistake. One guy got into our group and tried to tell us they we made a mistake and to get out of this, but we blew him off as crazy. Turns out we were crazy.

PSI is a total copy cat of *Landmark Forum*, formerly EST. They employ textbook mind control techniques including boot camp tactics and public humiliation. I got the usual high and then low from my PSI experience. They tried extensive bully tactics to try and get us to call everyone in our life that we ever had an "issue" with — some forced

Catharsis to make you "come clean" with them and "recommit" to a healthy relationship. There was actually homework where they would follow-up with you intensely, and if you didn't call everyone on the

List, (which you didn't realize you were generating as a "call up list" in some previous exercise) they would harangue you endlessly and guilt you into calling them during these guided calling sessions during lunch and break-outs. It was humiliating and a total violation of privacy — not to mention was handled carelessly and with no real context for what

Would happen next inside of the can of worms such encounters will open. It is simply not the case that everyone in your life that you're not talking you should talk to! People were calling parents who had abused them to enter into "a state of acceptance and forgiveness." I can't say this strongly enough: this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND NEGLIGENT MISHANDLING OF SERIOUS AND FRAGILE STATES OF

PSYCHOLOGICAL VUNERABILITY. Revisiting broken relationships may be a helpful exercise in certain environments, but these HACKS are not trained, not qualified to deal with such things. People are ripe for abuse and manipulation of just about any kind

Once they've been put on this programmed "indoctrination-isolation-catharthis-stress-anxiety-reflection-humiliation-and-then-catharthis-

Again" treadmill. It is an engineered Design to get a roller-coaster like "high" out of the person, without any real follow up on the very serious issues that come up for people in especially heightened trance states and deep-trance inter-personal encounters. It is the same as any cult. It is also well known that these techniques produce high levels of adrenaline and endorphins, direct results of the intense physical conditions and disturbed biorhythms, and anxiety reaction to being "put on the spot" in public with your most intimate issues. These intense and addictive biochemical states can create an

Alternating rush/relaxation-pleasure cycle that makes you feel as if something tremendous has happened, which may have nothing to do with

Actual personal sustainable progress.

The authoritarianism REGRESSES people to childhood, and gives the very dominating drill sergeants that lord over these seminars total

Control over the people. Now watching other people in group formation yield control to the leader/s also stimulates ingrained and involuntary "Herd Instincts" which cause knee compliance through alternating subconscious desire for reward (fit in) and fear of punishment (being singled out/kicked out). It's a well known mind control tactic and ANYTIME you use this type of COERCION it's wrong — it's against your will *whether you know it or not.* that is the problem. Also it sets you up for being open to this kind of manipulation in the future. Whether we think we get anything out of these programs or not, they set us up to be mindless sheep.

If you're going to contract into a regressed state, where you knowingly allow yourself to be tranced back into your formative years and guided through a "Seeing" of what's really up in your head/life, do it in a controlled environment with professionals who

Know what the they're doing and with the conscious support of trusted family or friends.

When suppressed issues come up people can go through very dark stages, even become suicidal and often emotionally dependent on the therapy or therapist — be they now associate their emotional

Liberation with their counselor. This is a very normal transitional state.

The patient-counselor relationship is held together by well established ethical standards of privacy and trust and an understanding of the complete vulnerability this creates. (Similar ethical standards are traditionally in play between individuals and

Clergy and in other forms of mentorship and all cases, there is at least some formal background training in these delicate issues.)

In this regressed state, where there is a sudden clearing, the "guide" becomes the parent figure, and we surrender our emotional vulnerability and adult rationality to that "guide" in subconscious ways we're not aware of. Trained professionals understand this phenomenon well, and know how to support someone through the process and keep them from becoming co-dependent.

These programs, and other untrained HACKS looking to make a buck or who simply get off on being in control of other people EXPLOIT this very natural and fragile human state without the participant's


The person becomes "high" (of course they do) and becomes addicted to this state and now identifies the group as the new family unit and source of their power. AGAIN, that's fine and empowering in controlled environments where trained Mental Health Professionals know what the their doing. I saw people at the seminar who were dealing with: drug addictions, food addictions, domestic violence,

Verbal abuse, suicide attempts, post-cult symptoms, prolonged grieving from violent death, post traumatic stress disorder, and numerous other issues like bi-polar disorder and chronic

Dissociation. I think anyone who has been adversely affected by this group or similar groups, personally or indirectly through a loved one — should SUE.

Bottom line is they trick you by using well understood and legitimate psychological techniques for understanding the psyche (AKA "self improvement" "motivation training" "life coaching" "discovery"), which certainly work, but really should be practiced in a professional setting with highly trained and experienced staff. People seeking this experience should try support groups for a healthier and more legit environment. NUMBER ONE DANGER

Is 1) there is no presence of mental health professionals — at all.

2) there is no legit mental health evaluation before participating

3) the true nature of the effect on your mind is not disclosed

4) THERE IS NO ONGOING PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HEALTH FOLLOW UP after the initial inculcation and Boot Camp Experience.

5) there is no professional mental health follow up to help relationships heal after these experiences which are profound and

Life altering. This should only be undergone as a *Process with Long Term commitment* not as a weekend to get an emotional high.

People leave these sessions and often in a manic moment may leave their spouse, children, job. These major life decisions need careful consideration and shouldn't be made after a Weekend with PSI.

Breaking away may indeed "save someone's life" but come on! Get real help, in most cases people are so high from the experience they want to push away and alienate anyone who isn't a True Believer — and so they run away from anyone or anything who casts doubts on their newly discovered "self" or who might be forcing them to truly communicate. These organizations know this happens, they let it happen, and they take ZERO RESPONSIBILITY for it.

It all comes down to massive sleep deprivation and other known mind control techniques practiced on people who have no idea what they're getting into, with untrained facilitators who are the SS of the self

Help movement.

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