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I have been a CenturyLink customer for nearly 7 years...

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I have been a CenturyLink customer for nearly 7 January 2015 I tried to install and use a satellite phone (Ooma), but due to an error by CenturyLink the internet speed they provided wouldn't support Ooma. As a result, in about February 2015 I had to return to CenturyLink phone service. For some reason, Ooma couldn't re-port my old number back, so CenturyLink arbitrarily assigned a new phone number. I chose CenturyLink's Phone II bundle (phone and misnamed "high-speed internet"). That bundle included UNLIMITED local and long distance calls, along with internet service.internet speed was just impossible - the lowest DSL speed available, despite the fact that their own service rep tested our line and equipment and said it should be TWICE as fast (1.5) which in our neck of the woods passes for "high speed".

If we would have been getting 1.5, it would have been satisfactory, but for some reason, CenturyLink didn't even have my physical address in their database. Over a period of at least 5 months, the continually stated I was already receiving the highest speed internet available to me. An almost exact physical address existed in a town 13 miles away and CenturyLink was using that address to determine my service. I have a file of chat records that's close to an inch thick that consistently explained that the address they were using was totally incorrect. Did they listen? Oh NO! They kept stating their engineers had determined that I was already getting the highest speed available for my location.

About two weeks ago, a CenturyLink "escalation" person entered our physical address in what he called the E911 system, and magically our true and actual address showed up in CenturyLink's system database. Within less than a day, our internet speed doubled. It took nearly 6 months of insistent calling, chatting and emailing to get this otherwise minor problem solved. During this entire time, CenturyLink service reps did nothing but regurgitate the same previous erroneous info that was recorded in their system. No one took a new look at it. Everyone simply assumed I, the customer, was WRONG and they, the monopoly service provider was right. Did anyone apologize for all the trouble I had to force my way through to finally get someone to take action? OF COURSE NOT! At least that problem has now been solved.

However, here's a key piece to this horrid story. I contacted CenturyLink's CEO with my complaint. Of course, I never heard from him, but he did forward the complaint to his trouble-shooter, Ms. Kristy. She was quite sympathetic, and did attempt to get the original problem worked out, but she faced the same monolith as the average customer and had absolutely no more effect than I did. The point is, if a customer has to go to the absolute top of a company and STILL can get no resolution, what does that say about the company's management as well as their people? Basically, the attitude I faced starts at the top and flows downhill. So it is with CenturyLink. But that's not the end of the story.

At the same time as the internet speed issue was dragging on and on and on, the phone problems were just beginning. I mentioned I had elected a phone and internet bundle, with unlimited long distance and local calls included in the package price - $71.90 per month with a $10.00 monthly discount if you chose their "auto pay" billing system. I didn't - I couldn't trust them. Good thing I didn't because doing so means you just let them charge your bank account for the charges. I noticed immediately that I was paying for unlimited long distance and local call package, but I was stunned to see that I was also being charged for each and every local and long distance call made from our phone. That increased our bill quite a bit - perhaps as much as $30.00 per month.

When I complained about that, CenturyLink customer reps said it was because we weren't dialing a "1" before each call. But I and my entire family were doing just that! CenturyLink acknowledges I should not be paying for those calls individually, so I requested credits for each and every call separately and had assistance from a service rep to accomplish that herculean feat. CenturyLink said it would take 2 to 3 billing cycles for the credits to show. Fat chance. The credits have not only NOT shown, but the erroneous billing has fact, after all the calls, chats and even contacting the CEO's trouble shooter about this latest screw-up, my bill for this month is even HIGHER than any previous bill and charges for the supposedly "unlimited" long distance and local calls has continued without abatement.

I've even contacted the FCC, but CenturyLink seems just to ignore that impotent government agency. I write to the FCC, the FCC notifies CenturyLink of the complaint, then CenturyLink pens a letter to me AND the FCC saying everything is now cleared up, even though it isn't. If anyone reads this and STILL does business with CenturyLink, they have been forewarned and deserve all the abuse they receive at the hands of this miscreant company. There are thousands of reasons CenturyLink should go out of business. Search the internet complaint sites about CenturyLink and you see without a doubt what I say is the absolute truth. The number of "positive" comments about CenturyLink is so small as to be dwarfed by the mountains of negative posts by users.

If CenturyLink weren't the monopoly provider in our area, I'd have nothing to do with anything, person, place or service even remotely connected with CenturyLink. The company has proven to me that it's by far the worst communications service provider in the universe. This has been occurring to me since late January 2015. Historically, comments like mine reach further back into time than you can imagine. It boggles the mind. But don't stop here. Check all this out on the internet. You simply will find it almost impossible to believe - but the numbers don't lie. It's all true!

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