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I had an old cell phone that I gave to my son in-law's...

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I had an old cell phone that I gave to my son in-law's brother. When he added minutes on the old phone, it wiped out the 1,800 I had on my current phone. I went to use it when it said unregistered SIM. I called TracFone about it. They said that there was nothing they could do about it unless they had the old phone. I said it was on its way to Arkansas. I have the serial numbers but not the phone. The friend put 120 minutes on the old phone and they wanted to give those to me. I said that I didn't want those minutes as they were not mine. I wanted the 1,800 that dropped off the face of the earth. The phone didn't expire until 11/22/13.

Now, it says 12/14/10. I told them that I wanted to change my number in case he adds minutes again. They said that I would have to have another SIM card. I got a ticket number and waited for the card. It came in so I called again. They didn't give me the number I wanted but I said that it was alright. I just wanted my phone working. Then, I was told that I would have to buy more minutes to activate the phone again. I told them that I didn't want to buy minutes when I already had 1,800 on the phone.

After being put on hold numerous times, he was insistent that I would get my minutes back as soon as I bought another minute card. I said that I would do it right now if that would get me the rest back, as well as my service date. All this took three hours. The first call was for two hours. Buying time for the phone did get it activated. Right then, I had a text come in while on the phone with him. Evidently, it belonged to someone else as a nasty sex text come in. It cost me minutes to read and it wasn't for me. I said that I didn't want that number as it appears to belong to someone else.

In the meantime, I saw my 1,800 minutes on the phone. I was so excited for that. But the excitement was short lived. My minutes disappeared except for the new minute card I just bought. He said that the old minutes would come back in about 50 minutes. At this point, he changed the number again and said to check in 50 minutes for the old minutes. I went shopping with my husband and went to use the phone. Nothing happened. I wouldn't call out but still used minutes to try and call someone. I had my husband call my cell as he was with me and the phone said that I wasn't excepting calls right now. When I got home, I called TracFone again.

When I got Eddie, I was happy that I could understand him. He said that he could give me back 450 minutes right now after being on the phone for about an hour with him. I said, "Why can't I have them all?" No supervisor was there to give him permission to do that, but if I call in the morning, there would be someone there to help me. Then, he said that he would transfer me to his supervisor who could get me 450i minutes back tonight. When the woman finally came on, we went through the whole thing again.

She kept putting me on hold. Then, after about an hour, she said that she couldn't do that and to call back in 24 hours. I called them the next day and was informed that the SIM card they sent me would not work in this phone. He transferred me to Natalie. Natalie said that she could get me my minutes back for me with not problem. I had to put in many codes. She said she that could get me back my minutes but couldn't use the phone until I have the new SIM card.

Thinking that I was getting somewhere, I felt great! Wrong! Then, she said that without the SIM card, she couldn't give me any minutes. I couldn't believe what she said. I asked her if she could overnight mail it. I was put on hold again and she came back every three to four minutes. Finally, she told me that her supervisor said that they could overnight the card. I was so excited. Leaving the 22nd and would arrive on the 23rd. I went to FedEx with the tracking number and saw that it was in the system. I was supposed to be here sometime on the 23rd before 4:30 P.M. I kept checking the Internet site. About 6:00 P.M. On the 23rd, I looked again and the delivery date was gone.

When I called FedEx, they said that it was never delivered to them. I called TracFone again. Now, we are actually up to about eight different idiots for the process. This new idiot said that they could not send it overnight mail as it was the holidays. I told him that when I started this, it wasn't the holidays. He was sorry—like hell he was. I said that the previous rep said it could be done and she had permission to do so. I was on the phone for quite sometime for her to get permission to do so. Now, this non-English speaking man said that I would get the SIM card in three to five days. I told him that every one of them has lied to me throughout and I was getting sick of it.

Around 2:00 P.M. On the 23rd, someone from TracFone called me to activate my phone. I said that there was no SIM card yet. Then, he said, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" Then, I had an email from them thanking me for buying minutes. If I didn't have so many minutes involved in this, I would throw the phone in the lake. I have kept notes about this. I have spent about eight hours in all for nothing.

They tried to say that the person who I gave my old phone to must have taken my minutes. I told them that when I transferred from one phone to another, I had to have my birth date, personal phone number, address, etc. Before I could do anything. This person knows none of that. I did not authorize any transfer and he wouldn't have known the information that is usually needed.

The last guy I talked to said that maybe they could compensate me for all my aggravation. They can't give me what's mine. Do they expect me to believe that they are going to make things right by me for all the time I have put into this? I don't believe anything they say! So, at this point, I am still waiting but I won't hold my breath.

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Offender: TracFone

Country: USA

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