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So just like the modern era of popular SaaS and cloud based solutions buy runescape gold like Salesforce have shown, Box (and a few others), are proving that there are benefits to be found, even in large traditional enterprises, in the simple file storage/sharing space.At its core, the Box service is as simple as the network file shares that almost all enterprise users have grown up with.

Objective: The relationship between conventional indicators of Alzheimer's disease (AD) progression and quality of life (QoL) outcomes is unclear. Dependence on others has been recommended as a unifying construct in defining AD severity. This study examined the relationship between indicators of disease severity (including dependence) and changes in QoL and utility over 18 months. Methods: A multi centre, cohort study was conducted across 18 UK sites. One hundred and forty five patients with possible/probable AD and their caregivers completed assessments of disease severity (Dependence Scale, Mini Mental State Examination, Neuropsychiatric Inventory, Disability Assessment for Dementia), dementia specific QoL (DEMQOL, DEMQOL Proxy) and generic health related utility (EQ 5D) at both time points. Results: There was evidence of individual change in QoL over 18 months, with over 50% of patients reporting either maintenance or improvement of life quality. The EQ 5D proxy suggested a mean decline in QoL whilst the DEMQOL Proxy indicated overall improvement. In the subsample of people who self reported QoL and utility, no mean change was evident. Changes in dependence did not explain changes on any QoL or utility outcome. There was a weak association between the EQ 5D proxy and changes in cognition, whereas changes on the DEMQOL Proxy were partly explained by changes in behavioural disturbance. Conclusions: The natural progression of AD over 18 months does not lead to inevitable decline in QoL or utility. There are no clear or consistent direct relationships between changes in disease severity and QoL outcomes. The impact of increasing dependence and worsening disease severity is likely buffered by a combination of psychological, social and environmental factors.

How many Perseid meteors will I see? The Perseids are popular with stargazers because the shower usually sees around 60 100 meteors per hour. Fingers crossed tonight for 80. Some can be tiny so it really depends on how much light pollution there is. And a bright moon will detract from the show too.

Employers, who are asking applicants for Facebook information, believe that doing so enables them to hire 'better' employees. They say that they are simply using Facebook and other social venues to weed out problem employees, by searching for inappropriate or flagged content on accounts that could be an indicator that the applicant would be a bad choice to hire. And many employers, with or without permission are searching for their applicants on Facebook without the applicants knowledge hoping for a non public profile, so that they can stalk around and get a feel for an applicants personality and lifestyle choices. Another thing that employers are looking for are signals that the applicant is a bad employee, has had bad connections with bosses in the past or any other derogatory comments that may indicate the person's work ethic is not up to snuff. After all, employers spend an immense amount of money hiring and training applicants to perform jobs and often find out too late that the person they hired has personal issues that affect job performance.

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