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In April, I spent over $400 to receive a pair of progre...

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In April, I spent over $400 to receive a pair of progressive bifocal glasses. I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect from the moment I walked in, also during the eye examination, and finally, to the actual purchasing of the glasses. It was my first time purchasing eyeglasses and the employees made the experience enjoyable. I picked up my glasses less than a week later. Let's just say that progressive bifocals are not for me. My vision isn't that bad. It's a very slight script, basically just making things "crisp and defined", like HD television. There was nothing wrong with these glasses. I admit it is me. I cannot tolerate having things blurry. There is only a small section of the lens that provides "clear vision", as is typical with these type of glasses and which was explained to me by, I'll call him "", in advance. I was told that it takes time to adjust to this. Okay, fine.

I returned a week later to get glasses for my daughter. Again, everything went smooth... Great people. Waited on me again. While he was taking care of my daughter's order I explained to him that these glasses made me nauseous while I wore them. They actually made my vision worse and I dared not drive with them on. He told me it takes some people more time than others to adjust and that I should continue to wear them. I replied to that I would do that since I had paid $400 for them and did not want it to have been a waste of so much money. Not once did mention to me a return policy. I went back to the vision center a couple days later and once again waited on me. I told him that I wanted to order another pair of the exact same glasses but without bifocal progressive lenses. I just wanted regular lenses due to the fact I could not wear the ones I had just purchased.

As he waited on me I talked to him about how upsetting it was to have just wasted $400. Again, never mentioned a 60 day return policy. I had now just purchased a second set of glasses to replace the $400 ones I could not wear. On several occasions I tried wearing the progressive glasses because I was sick over wasting $400. The morning of the day my new glasses came in. I tried wearing those $400 glasses but still could not wear them without feeling sick. I placed them in my shirt pocket. When I bent over to flush my toilet the glasses slipped out, fell in the toilet and disappeared! I could not believe it. I had accepted the fact I had wasted $400 on these but I did not want to lose them like this. I knew they had to be trapped in the toilet and decided to deal with that later that night. It was at this point I received a call that my new glasses were in.

Walmart definitely has good timing. Again, waited on me and I told him what had happened to my glasses and that I would have to take my toilet apart since I could not leave them in there for obvious reasons. He still never mentioned return policies or warranties. So I was on my way wearing my new and much improved, and less expensive $175 glasses. I returned to the vision center later that week to pick up my daughter's glasses we had ordered. Did not wait on me, however a very polite and friendly lady did. I had told her the unfortunate story of my $400 glasses and their incredible demise. This is what she replied to me: "Did you get them out of the toilet?" I said "yes but they are ruined." She replied "bring them in, they are under warranty." I could not believe my ears! So I had these $400 glasses I could not wear replaced with a new pair of $400 glasses I could not wear. I just figured at some point I might be able to use them.

Fast forward to this week which would be 50 days from my original purchase of those $400 glasses. My daughter had just lost the pair I had bought her after having them a couple weeks. Ugh! I looked for her receipt to see what I had paid for them and to see if there was any coverage for lost ones. It was then that I noticed the 60 day return policy on all glasses. I quickly found the receipt for those infamous $400 glasses and noticed I may still have 10 days left to get a refund. I went back there to order a replacement set of glasses for my daughter and yes, waited on me. As I order her glasses I told him how I noticed the 60 day return policy and that I'd like to return my $400 pair. He asked me if these were the pair I had flushed down the toilet and I replied they were not.interesting he remembered that but cannot remember to mention return policies and warranties to me, in which he had several chances to do so.

Of course, and I figured this would happen, he said they could not be returned because the warranty had been used on them. I mentioned the fact that he never mentioned the return policy or warranty to me during my entire ordeal. He said he still could not refund my money due to their policy. I asked him to please provide me with that policy. I then asked him directly why he purposely did not tell me of the return policy back when I was having problems or the warranty when they were ruined in the toilet. He said "calm down, I'll refund your money." This guy, really is something. Yes, I did get my money back, but only because I was lucky. My real questions is: Why, did you want me to lose $400? Why? I do not know you and you do not know me. I am a hard working single father with my 2 young children living with me. You knew this through our conversations. I brought you repeat business and suggested to my family that they go there too.

I just do not understand you. I might understand if this was your own privately owned company and you would take a loss, but Walmart is a billion dollar enterprise. Why were you trying to prevent them from losing the $400 sale? Does Walmart look out for you like that? It shames me to see a fellow working man decide to take advantage of another hard working man over something you would derive no benefit from., your actions are inexcusable and you should be ashamed of yourself. Moral of this: I should have read all the paperwork I received with my original purchase. It clearly states the return and warranty policies. Through my own neglect, I still could have been out that $400. Read, read, read everything.

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