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I was in one of the store located at Riva Rd. While in...

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I was in one of the store located at Riva Rd. While in the store, I decided to scan my CVS Card in one of the coupon centers where it gave me my quarterly reward. I would know this because I used to work for the company (PS. CVS card discount doesn't work anymore because of the separation to the company). I went on shopping in the store for my daughter's diaper and the store did not have the size I was looking (Huggies little movers, size 6). The store did not have it as well in Pampers, it only have CVS brand in stock. I decided then to get the CVS brand.

As I approached the front counter, I grabbed a couple of clearance items such as candy bags and a box of perfume. I asked the cashier to do separate transactions, one for another CVS card (a non-employee card) and one with my non-working discount card. The first card with a 301 area code gave me $2.50, which I used on the next transaction. It equaled to $4.73 before taxes. I handed the cashier the $2.50 coupon. After redeeming the coupon, the new total was $2.37 which I paid with cash. On the third transaction, I scanned my non-working discount card and proceeded with the rest of the items I have. I handed the cashier my $16.00 extra bucks. When it didn't work, he called the manager on duty for assistance. That's when all the havoc started (remember, I used to work for the company).

She told me that I couldn't redeem the coupon because I didn't work for the company anymore, which I thought was irrelevant. I then told her that I just got this coupon from the ECC. She then insisted that there is nothing she can do because I don't work for the company anymore and my coupon is invalid. As a customer, I got disappointed and decided to leave without purchasing the rest of my items. As I walked out of the store, I decided to return the items that I previously purchased. I gave the cashier my items and told him that I don't want the items anymore. I overheard her saying "the does she wants now?". As he continued with the transaction, I can already tell that it was going to be an issue because the screen was asking him to do two different tenders: One for the cash and the other for the coupon.

He continued doing it three times more when she finally said "here, let me do it for you". Apparently, she didn't know how to do it either. The basic solution was that she would give me $2.37 back in cash and $2.50 in store credit or in a form of money card. As I tried to explain it to her, she completely ignored me and said that she will have to issue all of the refund in money card and the system wouldn't let her do it. I told her that it wasn't right for her to give it to me all in money card because I paid for it cash. After a couple of exchange of words, I told her to give me my original receipt, which she refused to give me. I went ahead and called a police officer to further assist me with the situation since I wasn't getting anywhere with her. I wasn't getting my money back or the items. She then told me to leave the store and I refused to leave the store without my money or my items, and I told her that I will wait for the police officer.

She then told me, "I guess you'll be standing here the whole night because I think you are bluffing". As she walked away from the register, she continued with her rants saying "that's probably why you got fired" (this was in front of her co-workers and customers and have nothing to do with anything). I wanted to go outside to wait for the police officer so I grabbed my stuff. As I approached the front door, she stopped me and told me that I couldn't go outside because I didn't pay for the items. I told her she didn't give my money back therefore, this is mine. She then said "now you're stealing". As I confronted her, the officer came. She told the officer her part of the story and I told him my side. I then told her that "go ahead with the transaction and I will deal with it in a different level" which I initially proposed.

My problem is why with the hassle of me getting my coupon redeemed, the poor customer service that I received because I used to work for the company, the lack of training and professionalism towards customers? This would have been avoided with proper training, coaching and having the right person for the job. It's not about if I am getting 1 cent or a million dollar, it's about what was right. I wanted to keep my old CVS card in belief that I wouldn't lose my reward points. I got a new card with a different number so I could continue with shopping in CVS Pharmacy. I couldn't tell her the telephone number for my employee discount card because I don't remember. What happened to CVS Pharmacy? Did she stopped the "good customer service" because of my race or she realized that I used to work for CVS and I don't deserve it? Or was it because I wasn't dressed nicely? Does it matter if I was asking for $2 back or $100 dollars? I know it's much better than this.

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Offender: Cvs

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