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Dr Lentz Family Dentistry
Left dental supplies in my mouth that caused great pain

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I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Lentz dentistry office for about 20 years now and in or around April 2010, I am awaiting all my dental insurance documents, anyway, I had a crack in front tooth, tooth no. 9, Dr. Lentz said it was not cracked all the way up the tooth to the gum, so she proceeded to drill, work on tooth, which temporary kept falling out, finally when the permanent crown came, I thought it was too big for my mouth because it was hurting soooo badly after she put post in mouth and put in permanent crown for tooth no. 9, anyway, upon one of my follow up visits because so much pain in that part of my mouth, she sent me to endodontist for root canal on tooth no. 10, which I did not need, but had to pay for anyway, long story short, after 7 visits or so to her over the past year to have her do something with my front tooth and the horrible pain like someone was taking that tooth with pliers and trying to shove it up to my eye socket, I finally went to the endodontist and he spent about and 1-1/2 hours numbing and drilling my mouth and there were dental items left in my mouth from her surgery on tooth no. 9, he removed and also referred me back to her to fix the same exact tooth that she worked on, put post in and crown, oh god so much pain for a year, and I would keep going back and she would give me amoxicillin and pain meds and would not even try to help me at all, in the mean time I had requested my dental records for about a year or so now and even signed a release form for my new dentist Dr. Ferguson to get my dental records from Dr. Lentz office and all they say is Dr. Lentz has my dental file and my dental records are not in her office and they are not releasing them to me or anyone, my new dentist said that is illegal and I should do something about it, because when my new dentist assistant contacted Dr. Lentz office upon the day of my visit, which I had taken my mother to that dentist and signed a dental release form at that time, so they would have my dental records when I arrived there for my appointment a week later, anyway they did not get them, so they called Dr. Lentz office and they were told that my dental records was with Dr. Lentz and not in the office and either way they were not sending them and they have refused to give me my dental records.

Also, because during her careless working on my front tooth no. 9 she obviously cracked/fractured my little bit of tooth, so now it has to be totally removed and a implant put there and for a solid year or more until the endodontist worked on my tooth for an hour and a half, yes no. 9 and removed the dental items, not sure exactly what, either bunches of gauze or some dental tool that broke off up in my post, gum, little bitty tooth left, that at age 50 because of her I have experienced so much pain and many visits back to her to say it was the root canal that Dr. Haglund did on tooth no. 10 a year ago and he must have not got all the bad root or something to that affect out, but no it wasn't anything he did a year ago, it was what she did a year ago, adding stuff that does not need to be there in my mouth and also definitely fractured my bit of tooth left, because she said the split in the front tooth was not split all the way up, but now I am being told yes it is fractured and must come out and a implant in there, I have paid good money to have crowns put in the back of my mouth as to not have any of my teeth out, oh well, and now at age 50, lucky me I get to have the first one to go be the front tooth, either way, I want my dental records and I want my new dentist to have them too, Dr. Ferguson's office in Concord, North Carolina, because I have to go to a periodontics office now and them and my new dentist will get my tooth fixed for me. But we need and want my dental records that dr. LENTZ HAS, I also want her to be held accountable for leaving dental supplies in my mouth that have caused me much pain and several visits back to her and then now to the endodontist and new dentist and periodontist, someone needs to let her know she is not God and she can not keep patients dental records when they have signed releases for new dentist and have requested them myself...

Also, and she does need to be held accountable for her mistake in leaving dental supplies in my mouth for a year and me crying and begging and pleading about my painful tooth/whole mouth ache.

I appreciate any help you can give me in at least getting my dental records to my new dentist office.

Thank you

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Offender: Dr Lentz Family Dentistry

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