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Colvan Trust
No contact in 3 years

I was sequestrated in 2014 Colvan only contacted me in 2016, after which I had to supply them with tons and tons of docs. It cost me over R700 for bank statements from previous years and then just like that they were gone. I contacted a lawyer to get myself rehabilitated, but then Colvan replied to them that there is money ...

MacRobert Attorneys

Ek en my eggenoot Hendrik Klynsmith het ons self onder administrasie laat plaas aangesien ons besigheid nie die mas kon opkom nie.Al die admin dokumentasie is deur Van Niekerk Admins (Pty) Ltd Hanteer Standard bank het nogtans my Crediet Kaart rekening oorhandig aan MacRoberts Prokureurs ek het die admin dokumentasie al ...

Hopkinsway PLLC Attorneys Arizona Denver Edward Hopkins Jr Alexandra Ramirez
Lies, Misrepresentation, Deceit, Cheating, Unethical Behaviour and Conspiracy to Defraud

The Truth about Edward Hopkins of Hopkinway PLLC, a bad, unethical, dishonest and fraudulent attorney, worthy only of debarment. In 2017 he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud a defendant by way of deceit in a Court filing. His filings contained so many inaccuracies, he could not claim they were mistakes, and he faked ...