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Vincent Schiele
Harassment Lies and Manipulation Brainsyntax and Vincent Schiele

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Vincent Schiele and his site Brainsyntax is dangerous for people seeking help. Vincent is from Sault Ste Marie and claims that his site can help people who are involved with the Algoma Children's Aid Society and family court. He claims that if you upload your personal information along with your court files he can help you get free legal advice from his community of "family court victims".

The site is used to propagate his anger and hatred for his ex whom he was charged for sexually assaulting and was forced to press charges against him to protect herself and their young daughter from Vincent Schiele's constant drinking and spouts with the law.

Vincent Schiele asked me to lie for him. That was when I knew he was dangerous. He wanted to me to file a false statement against is ex and later against another victim of his site Brainsyntax. Since then much has surfaced about this man. He is known for his use of cocaine and alcohol and at one time he had a site "selling art" which was a scam and has since been shut down. It was called

Vincent Schiele has left in his wake numerous victims, he is known for being grabby around females and always approaching young females. There are parents complaining about inappropriate emails he has sent to their children as young as 12 years old.

I have personally witnessed Vincent crushing some kind of pill and putting it in a drink which he was preparing for a female guest at his home. It ended up in a fight where Vince was charged for assault and sexual assault by the female. This man is dangerous and he needs to be stopped. He has since created multiple posts using my name and making false accusations. He claims I am the one who is damaged because of past abuse and that I am the one who has been charged with sexual crimes. He does this to anyone who opposes him or his site or attempts to expose him for the criminal that he is.

From the attached screenshots you can see Vincents strange behaviour (the dates are scattered because I have so many to choose from and I didn't want to waste any more time). He jokes about killing his current gf Hilary Quarrel who assists him with his site Brainsyntax. You can also see that Vince has serious issues with alcohol and drugs even prostitutes, all the things he claims I have issues with in his Brainsyntax rant. Charlie, Praying, Praying to Charles are Vincents code for drugs. I was helping Vincent create a logo for his site but I soon realized he was nuts and working with him again was a mistake.

It is pretty obvious I avoid Vincent when he contacts me but he doesn't get the hint.

Once he requested that I lie for him a second time I backed out and he has since been on a rampage harassing my family, my parents and even slandering my wife and children online.

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Offender: Vincent Schiele

   State: Ontario   City: Sault Sainte Marie

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


Sean Ansley October 7, 2020 11:25 AM
Vincent schiele has forcibly confined and sexually abused and physically abused a woman not long ago for over 3 days until the neighbour's heard her screams. She was beat black and blue. Wasn't able to leave. At one point he filled the bathtub with boiling water and threw her into it. Would force her to have sex with him and other men at the same time videotaped it several times and put it on the internet. He went to this person's house when he wasn't allowed contact with her because of charges laid from the forcible confinement and assault. She was terrified and he actually came into her house. Was there an hour and showed her a gun I insinuating that he was going to use it on me and possibly her. He was high on meth and drunk. He actually did leave. The police were informed but I don't know the outcome of it. This man is very dangerous and have been told by numerous people that hes a sex offender and child molester. Extremely dangerous. I have been a witness to the physical 2mental damage he has caused this woman. He needs to be stopped. Threatened to come to my place and basically take care of me.....a threat. I worry about myself and this woman. Hes capable of anything and also a very good manipulator and con artist. Expose this disgusting man.

Vincent schiele is living at 684 frontanc street in sault ste Marie. Hes still is praying on that woman and shes scared to death. Even though hes been charged he still attacks her. He needs to be stopped. He has numerous guns and video cameras everywhere. Don't go near him or approach him. The police need to get involved.
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