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2007 runescape gold Defense Need Be Tuned Based on Dragon Hide Requi

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Get a nice item from D Hide but have a limit to claim it for a lower defense? A graph shows that the lower their defense is, the worse players’ attitude gets. But the fact seems Dragon Hide, those who only have one defense are struggling for more powerful Old School RS items, and require more rights.

Feted graph between attitude and defense

Recently, an overwhelming number of scapers vote for the graph showing the relation between defense and attitude. The graph reads that players all are full of enthusiasm for def in Old School Runescape until they reach level 45. And once level 45 is reached, they will go down abruptly and then straightly go up. Since then, their burst of exuberance to defense is stable but fading slightly.

Status quo of Dragon Hide chaps and vambraces

Currently, it doesn’t have the same requirement as plain D hide. Black d'hide chaps and vambraces only require 70 ranged to equip, while the blessed versions have an additional 40 defense requirement to wield, regardless if it's chaps or vambraces. And so many players have to ask for help from RSorder to gain these items and OSRS gold bonus.
If the chaps and vambraces have the same requirements as their Black D Hide counterparts, it would give them a further use for other accounts, and provide another means of cosmetics for 40- defensive folk.

Make the same requirements between Blessed and Black D’Hide

Some people may shout “what is the point with no pure hardcore iron man?! ” if you are a 1 def ultimate ironman, do you want a 40 def item? Of course you are, and now here is a chance. But why are you informed that “you are not a high enough level to use this item. You need to have a Defense level of 40.” Is it an April fool’s prank?
People with high and mighty pures may think that it is ridiculous for 1 def ultimate ironmen to require for a def def item. But this is the appeals for everyone, even those without a 1 def pure. One-defense pures do not ask for barrow gloves, D'hide bodies, or even coifs, but a new item he got. As ultimate ironmen, they may well have risked their entire banks going into the wild for those chaps. Why shouldn’t they get it?
Moreover, this suggestion to make the same requirements is beneficial for everyone. At present, the price of blessed D'hide, apart from Sara/Zammy, is dreadful. Guthix buying for 400K 2007 runescape gold before GE couldn’t get more than 100K for resale now. So it’s a need to add more value to an item that has been knocked to an absurdly low value.

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