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Exposure: Why You Didn’t Get Pet Dragon in RS Shadow Drake Competiti

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Have you posted a name of Shadow Drake for Jagex? You may think you have given the best name, but why did yours not be picked? Jagex closed the competition with the name Fury, but we all know that there is already an in-game item named “Fury”. People cannot help surmising that the runner-ups are chosen at random. Don’t you think so?

Shadow Drake competition closed with Name “Fury”

Three people have suggested this name to Jagex, and they all are rewarded a shadow drake each, in spite of that, doesn’t it matter that there is already an in-game item with the word "fury"? Some people have put forwards that the name is picked based off of actual creativity and originality.

It’s not about the rewards, (after all, we players can gain RS legendary items and pets from many places, like RSorder), but about a fair competition and Jagex’ prestige. As we all know, there were many, many, many entries to join. But to ensure a fair playing field, the devs need to be prepared when they receive over 6000 responses because of this competition for an audience of 200,000, 000 accounts. Are you certain that every and each post has been deliberate?

Moreover, it’s not a complaint for those who won, but a request for fairness. Thousands of people put effort into suggesting a unique and creative name and then did not even get considered because the runner-ups were all RNG based.

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Personally, it is necessary for Jagex to dramatically reduce the cost of it in store. It is impossible to give every competitor a shadow drake pet, but it is possible to pick up more winners. Only after entertaining the customers, can the devs enjoy their life actually. Take RSorder, a professional rs gold supplier, for example. These guys always claim to offer the cheapest 2007 runescape gold and rs 3 gold, so they often give away huge promos, like 50% off rs gold, to all customers with no cheating. If you are sincere to serve people, people will repay you well.
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