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What if there is Toggle to Switch between New and Old Maple Logs in

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Since the change of maple log in Old School RuneScape, there are complaints that the new color is ugly. Recently, discussions about whether to get back the old maple has become even heated! With no exception, there are two sides with one supporting old icon, while the other supporting the current one. What’s your opinion for that? Come to share with us! Need gold for game enjoy? RSorder prepares the cheapest, manual 2007 runescape gold for sale!

What are different opinions on the change?

Since yew logs looked very similar to maples in Old School Runescape, some players who don’t check it carefully will confuse the yew logs with maple logs during purchasing. Thus, Jagex changed the look of maples to make a difference. However, complaints had been aroused since the release of new change. And the back of GE promotes the idea of getting back the old icon since players would not get scammed with GE. Players who want the old maple logs tell that the color of new one is shitty and seems discordant with other logs. The new maples look extremely out of place, which are comparable to the extra thick pencils kids are given to write with. While others think it is a complete waste of resources and time to get back the old icon. Actually, it is just an inventory icon, which should not really bother players. To split the difference, someone suggests adding a toggle, allowing players to switch the look of the maple logs as they like. It seems a perfect solution. But is it a practical way?

How to deal with the problem?

As we can see, both of two sides really love the game and value the details. Yet, which one is really beneficial for the game? Keep the new icon or get the old one for Old School? It’s not a decision for any individual player or Jagex staffs.instead, it is up to all of you as a community to make that decision. So take the chance to tell your feedback if you want to get back the old one. Also, we should consider that proper update for the game is addition, whenever you need additional game gold, come to RSorder to buy purely manual yet online lowest priced osrs gold with 10 minutes fast delivery!

Well, Jagex cannot satisfy everyone, but your opinions are really mean a lot to them. No matter you already tried it or not, come to share your opinions with us on RSorder Facebook, in which any different ideas are allowed and welcomed.

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