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DDoS Attacks: Free 2007 runescape gold Membership Days or Unconditio

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It has been some days since the ddos attacks were noticed. Obviously most of players are experiencing what is going on with the servers right now. Although death mechanic was updated, it is too late to recoup losses of some players, who suggest that Jagex should give some days’ free membership. Stay tuned on RSorder for details!

What has Jagex done against ddos issue?

To reduce players’ rs item losing from ddos attacks, Jagex has updated the death mechanic, making players’ items stay on the floor longer and remaining outside of PvP untradable items in inventory on death. Although it is not way to fix the problem, it makes it easier to cope with until it is fixed.

Would free membership days be possible?

Although Jagex is taking measure to fight against ddosers and trying to protect players’ wealth, it is not avoidable to get some complaints due to the fact that many players have lost staffs these days. Actually, because of all the attacks, countless paying members are not able to login the game, putting aside all the in-game currency loss. Thus, it is understandable that players ask for free membership.
How do you think about it, while someone thinks doing so could encourage ddossing to happen? Though many people are eager for some compensation, there is not response from Jagex based on this issue so far. As someone said before, it is not the fault of Jagex. Besides, some players told that they hadn’t gotten reimbursed during the last ddos wave, so it is unlikely different this time. Feel free to share on RSorder Facebook if there are different opinions from you.

What should do to fight against ddos?

Most people on 2007scape would get sad due to attacks, but there are not all complaints. As some other players said, we should soberly aware that all disconnects are happening and only when we support Jagex, can we conquer the ddos attacks to create safe environment.
In truth, making players angry with Jagex is exactly what the ddosers are hoping for. A short term option would be to allow the DDOS attackers to win which would just hurt the game in the long run. Rather than ask for compensation and give attackers what they want, it would be wiser to show them that all of you support Jagex for working to improve the game!

It would be fortune for Jagex, as well as for all players, that some have been clearly aware of this problem and decided to give support. With this support, Jagex could be expected to give better environment for players soon. At that moment, you can also get cheap 2007 runescape gold from RSorder to enjoy your beloved game!

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The Little Book o' Piracy

7,000 Smithing Experience

7,000 Crafting Experience

7,000 Agility Experienc

Quest points gained upon completion: 2

Tips, tricks & notes:

The pirate island has a pub, some shops (including a fish shop, a pirate clothes shop, and a pirate sword shop) and some pirates to talk to. To talk to any of the pirates, you need The Little Book o' Piracy to be in your inventory, this includes being able to talk to or buy from the pirates with shops.
If you talk to Bill after the quest, you will get 10,000gp from him.
When you leave the ship, including when you complete the quest, all items gotten from the ship or chests will be taken from you, so don't bother getting extras.
If you forget to clean out a cannon before the next shot, you will fail and take 5 damage.

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