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Will You Give A Handout If Someone Asks for Help in old school rs go

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It is usual phenomenon in old school rs gold to ask for others’ help when you meet some difficult challenges and cannot pay for gears. However, there is a post on reddit revealed that someone would make scam on the excuse of needing help, which leading to a hot discussion about whether it is worth giving handouts or not. Move on to see some common opinions that concluded by RSorder.

Giving is meaningful in OSRS

As it is said, "what exists is reasonable", the phenomenon of handouts exists from scams with some reasons - players believe that there are more in-need people than scammers; giving is meaningful in osrs; help others in need and you will get help in return;…Admittedly, scams in the game make players disappointed, but many players still insist that helping people out is nice, which can make game environment better. Look some reasons why they think it is worthy giving handouts.

1. Give people stuff within available ability. For a high-level player, 50k or 100k is pretty meaningless that he can make it back with slayer and combat level, but that same 50k or 100k can make someone's day and completely change how they view the game, so it is meaningful!
2. It is sad if you cannot get any help with rs gold or gear when you need, so some players would like to help others, which brings them a nice feeling.
3. Although it is unavoidable to meet some scams, players still want to give help to those in need. But to reduce the chance of getting scammed, they will firstly do research, maybe a stat lookup, to judge if the asking-help person is really in need, or give tips to teach them how to get money or win gears they need.

Giving in osrs will lead to negative impact

As scams spread widely on the excuse of needing help, some players are disappointed and think giving handouts will lead to negative impact.

1. It is unacceptable that someone wants others’ hard earned valuables with little or no effort.
2. Giving handouts will encourage laziness and make more players wait for help rather than doing by themselves.
3. Someone who gets help would expect for more.instead of playing the game, they just sit in idle, disguised as a rich man to convince other players to share their hard earned rs items.

Actually, it is impossible to end this kind of scam, but if you really want to help others, you could provide them with tips rather than money, or judge whether they are in need. If you want to know more ways about how to make handouts worthy, you could discuss on RSorder Facebook where you may find some like-minded people!

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