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S07 gold Flash sale World Switch Has Been Improved with More Change

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The WORLD in rs07 gold provided players with much convenience, but at the same time, players found that there is still a little defect - it is so similar to the log-out button that always makes players confused. On this occasion, Jagex now changes it to be more instinct. Look the new world switch below as well as other updates.

Benefits & Feedback for World Switch

As RSorder published in early time, the World Switcher in OSRS brings players with many benefits since its release, which allows players changing worlds quickly without re-entering the login credentials and viewing the welcome screen. However, the same mode of two buttons (world switcher and logout) makes players confused when try to log out quickly. Thus it is suggested to make logout button to be a little larger, or make it with a different color.

New changes on World Switch

It is good news that only about one week after receiving feedback, Jagex has dealt with the problem and provided players with a new world switch as well as some new features. See details below and you welcome to share your experience on RSorder Facebook after you try the new World Switch?

1. The positions of the button used to access the world switcher and the log out button have been switched and the color of the world switcher button has been changed to grey and looked more different from the logout button.
2. The menu that asks if you really wish to switch worlds can be permanently dismissed now. However, the warning will still appear when attempting to hop to a PvP world.
3. The world that you are on will now be written on the world switcher list in a darker grey so you're less likely to click it and the 'Right click to set favorites’ message is now vertically centered if you haven't set any favorite worlds.
4. More improvements can be expected when the current project - Resizable Mode is completed, for example, showing the number of players on each world, showing ping and keeping you pin unlocked as you switch….

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Other updated contents

Except for world switch change, Jagex also brings players with some new contents, such as changes on monocle, falador shield, Edgeville lever, and more. So if you need some OSRS Gold to hop into the new contents, feel free to RSorder where offers cheapest rs 3 gold and rs 2007 gold with fast delivery. Now see one of the most important updates: farming changes as below.

1. Four new left-click options are provided: Rake, when they need weeding; Clear, when dead or a stump; Prune or cure, when diseased; clear on fully grown bushes with no fruit left.
2. The tool leprechauns are now available to exchange your weeds for bank notes, preventing you inventory overflowing.
3. You will now seeing information about the contents of the bin while examining compost bins.
4. The tool leprechaun at the farming patch just south of Falador has been moved slightly to be closer to where players are when using the farming patch.

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