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Unescape 2007 gold Revised Slayer Expansion: Changes on Boss Slaye

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As planned, the revised version of summer slayer expansion developer blog has just gone live, offering some new changes according to players’ feedback. The mainly changes are referring to Boss Slayer, Hellhound and Abyss Boss as we post on Rsorder before. Move forward for more details.

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Boss slayer will assign a specific boss

Originally, players would simply receive a slayer assignment of 'kill x bosses', and would be able to kill any boss that you would like as the Dev Blog showed on May 15. However, many players indicated that this type of slayer will remove interesting aspect since it is no need to figure out a method of completing the task. Due to this issue, the dev team has reworked the boss slayer to only assign a special boss at a time. And players won’t able to choose boss to kill, which will make slayer more difficult but attractive, and at the same time, players who in-need are all welcome to get RS 07 quest helper on RSorder. The other notable point is that since boss slayer in general has been changed, the slayer helmet will atill give the 15% bonus when on boss task.

Cerberus now requires 91 Slayer

Since the introduction of slayer expansion, many players ask for slayer requirement for Cerberus to match its loots. And Jagex also posted that the Hellhound boss requires 95 Slayer. However, the revised dev blog shows that Cerberus now requires 91 Slayer. Although it doesn’t reach players’ requirement of 95, it is better than before. As a matter of fact, 91 Slayer is high enough that the requirement isn't too easily obtained for many players.

Abyssal bludgeon added for abyss boss

A 2-handed crush weapon, the abyssal bludgeon is now added for abyss boss as a drop from abyssal sire. It will require 70 Attack and 70 Strength to equip and will be the highest DPS crush weapon in Old School RuneScape with a high crush attack and the same attack speed as an abyssal whip. It seems not so necessary for some players since its’ same special as the dagger though.

Other small changes for summer slayer expansion

1. A special attack is added to the abyssal dagger.
2. Cerberus' location is moved to Taverley.
3. Broad darts is removed due to feedback.
4. Reduced the herb sack storage capacity from 100 to 30 of each grimy herb.
5.increased Primordial boots strength bonus from 4 to 5.
6. More information added regarding the Slayer cave extension and additional monster spawns.
7. More information added regarding slayer assignment list reworks.

Feedback collection is beginning now, try to be active to show Jagex with your opinion, and try best to get a chance of shaping your beloved game! And if you are in need of rs gold, welcome to RSorder to get cheap rs 3 gold and runescape 2007 gold with free giveaway!

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