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Let's see about 1,5-2 months ago, my psn account...

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Let's see about 1,5-2 months ago,
my psn account was hacked & all my devices got deactivated & hacker put a ps4 on my account I got blamed & punished (they refused to remove the hackers ps4) for the fact that some hacker hacked me. I even got told on top of that, that I wasn't hacked at all & nor were they, I must've deactivated them myself (I wish I could've done that) had a weak password/shared my info (yeah right, why would I put my account I have my expensive devices on in danger while not even my parents know about my account) I've been around on the net for over 15 yrs & studied IT, do you seriously think I can't make a strong password? I wouldn't have bothered saying I was hacked if I'd shared my info, since I know the difference between unauthorized acces by someone I shared my info with & being hacked by an total stranger/criminal. I was also ensured by the rep on the phone that hackers never got any customers login info etc. When Sony was hacked in the past either, (yeah right) we all know that even their employers info got stolen, Lying to a customer is 1 thing, but also not believing their customer is speaking the truth & blaming a customer on top of that instead of helping is a big no, don't you all agree? Anti gamesharing policy? Heh, screw that since it didn't stop a hacker from locking me out on my own account.

I live alone, no one besides me knew my login, never logged in on any other device that wasn't mine or in company of others either & also none of my emailaccounts etc. Was hacked either. I currently don't have a working PC/laptop (didn't have it when I was hacked either) They didn't even bother investigating what happened & worst of all us I'm not the only 1 this happened to.

I'm from The Netherlands & I read others from different countries were treated the same way or worser. It's quite disturbing & worrysome, that a paying customer that never caused any troubke before gets treated like this. I don't feel safe & I for once am actually glad that I'm so "paranoid"/careful to not even put my real name & full adress info on my psn account!

I was lucky I was on my ps4 when the hacker logged in, it made take quick action like resetting my password etc. Before contacting Sony. I at least did my part to keep my account safe & reported to them, so if anything happens again it's longer only my problem.

Never leave your payment info in there or automatic charging. It's not safe eventhough I had a pin I decided to remove my Paypal from there anyways, since I can't count on Sony. I was lucky I didn't lose money.

If my adress etc. Was on there I'd called the police as soon I'd found out Sony didn't bother to investigate/take action, since Sony doesn't care about your safety at all.

Never in my life have I been treated this horrible by a customer support. I'm still considering contacting the police, since it's insane & quite scary when someone hacks you & you get treated like that.

P. S The weird thing is that in my eyes I don't have any PS4 games worth sharing, so that hacker didn't gain any access to my games by putting his ps4 (most of my ps4 games I have I bought physical only unless digital is like �20 cheaper than physical version or digital only & are mmo's, rest is "free" stuff from ps) on there serves him/her right! XD.

I'm still scared he/she might've gotten some info about me, anyways I don't like to underestimate a hackers ability. So as long that ps4 is on that account I won't activate any devices on it, since I've no idea how he/she got my info etc.

Well you've all been warned. Hope other duped people will grt theur issues resolved!

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Author: Contact with Author

Offender: PlayStation

Country: USA
Phone: 8003457669

Category: Miscellaneous


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