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Went to Walmart to pick up our lay away, the lay away...

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Went to Walmart to pick up our lay away, the lay away that they now charge a fee to put on lay away, and just like Walmart... GGRR

Went up to layaway counter and there was a gentleman standing at the counter the girl at the counter told him she would have his package rushed up to customer service for him by the front doors so that he could have help carrying it out, he had a tv, some sort of game table bit cart full, -this comes in later by the way—
We were next gave the girl our receipt gave her final payment she had me sign for my packages then went to look for them, la de da, stood waiting for about 5 min, their lay away is located near employee lounge and it was irritating me that we were standing at this counter with no one at the counter-and we had 25 employees walk past us one way or another and not one asked us if we needed help or had been helped yet, for all they new we were standing there waiting, not even one good evening or hi ect. Walmart really needs to do something with their customer service
anyway, after 5 min the girl came back and said that the red wagon I had on layaway she THINKS was stuck on a trailer outside and she would have to go and unload and dig through the trailer until she found it, so off she went, now there is 2 people in line behind us, had more employees walk past us say nothing, finally one lady behind us asked one of them if they could help out they had other things to do and needed their layaway and the guy in line said he just needed to make a payment, the employee said they didn't work in layway and walked away?! So the lady got on her phone and called the store and told them we had been standing back here in line at layaway and needed some assistance, la de da, about 4 more min she called again, la de da, about 4 more min she had to call again, finally another employee walked by and asked us if we were being helped I told him we were waiting but people behind us needed help, he said well I don't work in layaway and can't help you and walked away—WHY DID HE BOTHER ASKING THEN? So lady had to make another call up front and finally a manager showed up we told her what was going on and she said well there is only one register back here and until she gets back with the items she was looking for the manager couldn't help anyone else, I told her I had already got all my papers off the register signed for them and everything, I was just waiting on my items so she could run the register for these other people we moved out of the way even so they could help these other people, manager said it would be too confusing to try to get things out of order, the girl finally came back with the wagon and other box of items that we had been waiting on, she said that the wagon had got stuck all the way up front in the truck and she had to dig it out, she saw the long line and started to panic, manager told her to step back and breath -relax-don't rush it will be ok? Finally got handed our package and the girl went to the register and started helping next person in line, while the manager stood back and watched, how hard would it have been for the manager to at least go to the register and take payments or to tackle a transaction herself and try to find someone's layaway, by the time we got our items and left there was a line all the way through electronics people waiting to get their layaways, I am glad we got there when we did because I really don't see that manager helping that poor girl to much, busy layaway season and they have one register back there, they can only assist one customer at a time, and only one employee who knows how to run it obviously???
mean while while we were being handed our items the gentleman who was there before us came back asking where his items where they were supposed to be at customer service desk so he could get help loading everything, the manager told him they had a long line and he needed to wait, the line was a mile long and he told the manager he was there at that counter over 30 min ago and had been waiting up front for his items, manager who was doing nothing but standing around asked him which were his items he pointed to the cart and she said I have a long line I can't leave right now—she isn't doing anything but standing around — he finally told her to screw off and he would manage it himself he grabbed his cart of items himself and attempted to navigate his way through the store with their little wheel cart full of items— what customer service — sam walton I am sure has been rolling in his grave— I used to teach customer service and it really irritates me when a store is full of employees who has no idea what customer service is, it is part of their jobs to help the customer I dont care if you are cashier, manager or owner— you at least try to help that customer, you listen to the customer, you get another register back there at lay away and do your jobs

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Offender: Walmart

Country: USA
Phone: 8009256278

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