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Victims Conned and threatened by Sean Sanders: Ralph is playing the position of laying low, why? Because not only has he taken reports that people posted on him and flipped them around without consent, but also has threatened numerous of people for exposing his lies from playing in the NBA, Owning his own house/cars, writing his own book someone else wrote and basically whatever you can think of. I tell you folks, this man reminds me of Dr. Evil from the movie Gold member; As a matter of fact, he should have played the part being his head is bald, all he needs now is a kitty.

Post #63 Title: Im Not a Victim, with 3 kids! I'm his friend

Erin Ledang did not post comment #63! This message was posted by Ralph Sean Sanders written by his wife Lauren because you see Ralph being worse than the boogieman himself does not want the truth to unravel about all the harm he has caused his community. However, the truth will be revealed. I personally know Erin Ledang and she confirmed that #63 message was a flaw, a flaw that only Ralph would commit. He has threatened this womans life, her kids and other people in the EDH area. This man see's no limit. Erin is scared for her life and the safety of her kids so she does whatever Ralph asks her to do. This pervert keeps calling and sending txt messages to not only Erin, but other women as well giving the same story saying he will pay them back like OJ Simpson paid Nicole Simpson. Lie after Lie most of the few people that are backing or defending Ralph on the Ripoff site is Ralph himself!!!

That being said post #60 and #62 is complete true statements made by Erin Ledang. Ralph stop bullying, threatening, and twisting peoples message. Your disorder sociopath, has done more than enough harm. Keep in mind all the threats to people of all ages that this man could possibly be very dangerous. If the big bad wolf comes your way builds your house with bricks. Let the wolf huff and puff till he is no more and call the police on this desperate man.

Court documents revealed the case numbers CV-0055726 & M-CV-0055060 Defendants: Erin A. Ledang; and Ralph Sanders. 10. M-cv-0055726. M-CV-0055060 & M-CV-0055726 Northern California Coll. Service vs. Ledang, Erin A., et al Appearance Required. Complaint is not at issue - Need responsive pleading, default or dismissal as to Defendants: Erin A. Ledang; and Ralph Sanders Ralph Sanders and Erin Ledang are being sued for unpaid credit accounts which Ralph forced Erin to open fraudulently. What is incriminating in this case, is the pair made false and misleading statements on their applications with the sole intent to defraud the lending institutions. Ralph was not making the money he claimed on the credit applications while Erin was on welfare and living off food stamps.
More to come on the full time hustlers scams

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RS Victims July 5, 2021 5:14 PM
Are you a victim of the dangerous ex-con and serial scammer, Ralph Sanders? 
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It's time this psychopath is put in prison where he belongs! It's time for victims to take a stand, come together and NOT allow this CON ARTIST, CONMAN, RECIDIVIST, SCAM ARTIST, CROOK, PREVARICATOR, DECEIVER, HYPOCRITE, CHEATER, NEFARIOUS, DETESTABLE, REPREHENSIBLE, DERELICT Ralph, Rafael, Sean, Shawn, Malik, or whatever name he is going by, to get away with his lies and attrocious criminal acts toward kind and innocent people!! Contact us @ [email protected]  Website: Coming soon- Under Cpnstruction.  Let's unite and take him DOWN!!! Lock him up and throw away the key!
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