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Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.
Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr. Fired

Complaint / review text:
This is a sworn statement of fact and is an exact account of why I had to fire Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.
My name is Barry Powell. I had helped Jimmie acquire his home of choice because his credit was tarnished and he could not qualify for a loan. Jimmie was an attorney and in need of work. Shortly thereafter I hired him to prepare trust work for clients. This was about 2003. I had dealt with sophisticated investors for 25+ years and decided that having an in house attorney would make the company stronger. I provided office space for him. I would hold investor seminars to educate clients and I invited Jimmie to speak. Each time he was an embarrassment because he would not stay on point and brag about other exploits. His lack of knowledge was only too obvious when questions would be asked. The 3rd time he spoke to a small group of investors; and my business manager told me Jimmie was hurting the credibility of our company. Jimmie had come to the meeting at our office wearing a tight t-shirt. The thrust of his presentation was him bragging about how much he charged for services and how much money he was making. It was a complete embarrassment. I agreed that we had to terminate his services which made Jimmie very angry. Jimmie had gotten very friendly with my secretary who was my right hand person.
The next event was my trusted secretary had taken a number of our trust files to work on at home. She said she had parked at a hotel late one evening and someone had broken into her vehicle and had stolen all of the trust files. This was a very serious matter and I called the next evening to her home at approximately 11pm to discuss pressing resulting crises that needed to be dealt with early the next morning. When I called she was clearly drunk; completely smashed and laughing and having a grand old time. To my surprise I could hear Jimmie Brown laughing and hooting in the background.
Needless to say I had to fire my secretary. I found it appalling that she was unmarried & getting drunk with my fired attorney, who is married. What is Jimmie doing at her apartment?
Then the truth became clear. No one had stolen the confidential trust files. She had given them to Jimmie Brown. Jimmie took these confidential trust files and retained them to use in a blackmail campaign that occurred shortly thereafter.
Jimmie Brown filed suit against me on a ridiculous issue. When his wife was able to refinance the home I had provided for him, he thought the closing costs were too high and demanded that I pay the $4,500 that he was questioning. Of course it is not up to me to pay his closing costs; I had never entered into any such agreement. Jimmie had no case whatsoever.
But as an attorney representing himself he had the ability to force me to hire an attorney to defend against the lawsuit. I proceeded to hire an attorney to defend me who turned out to be just as unscroupulous as Jimmie. As it happens they both graduated from Texas Southern University. They became friendly and Jimmie Brown offered my attorney, Luro Taylor, $5,000 to not tell me about a hearing to allow Jimmie Brown to get a default judgment for treble damages and attorney costs totaling $27,883. About 6 months later I had met my Attorney in heart to heart conversation telling him about how Jimmie Brown was harrassing me and asking how he could have failed to let me know about the hearing. I just wanted the truth. Luro told me that Jimmie had befriended him and that Jimmie had promised that if Luro would cooperate that he would get $5,000. Then as things developed Luro found that Jimmie would lie and deceive him and others without a fact Luro said that Jimmie was a person of extremely low character and that he was very untrustworthy. Luro said that I could file a Bill of Attainder and overcome the judgment. I asked if Luro would put these facts on paper and sign a sworn affidavit as to their truth. Luro said he would because he wanted to be straight with God and get forgiveness. He signed an affidavit in blue ink and gave it to me. Confident that I could overturn the judgment I began interviewing attorneys. When attorneys would hear the story and see the evidence they would be amazed. Finally I found an attorney that agreed to handle the work for $5,000. I discussed suing Jimmie Brown with my attorney. An asset search showed that jimmie was broke; with no significant assets and even no insurance! Getting a judgment against Jimmie Brown would be a waste of money and time. That $5,000 expense grew into $10,000 and then my attorney wanted more money again. It took a year to get the case heard. By that time I had no more money to pay my attorney and I had to represent myself at the hearing. The judge said that I had done a good presentation and he looked at the sworn affidavit where Luro admitted that Jimmie Brown bribed him to not tell me about the hearing. The judge said that unfortunately Texas case law says that if your attorney misrepresents the client that is not a defense. You are responsible for who you hire. Getting a Bill of Attainder to overcome a judgment is extremely rare. So Jimmie Brown got away with his fraud.
Jimmie Brown that puts a lis pindis on all of my homes and my wifes homes. So I let them go to foreclosure rather than let Jimmie Brown get one red cent that he does not deserve.
Infuriated, now Jimmie decides to get money by blackmailing my clients. Somehow Jimmie gets access to the "stolen" confidential trust documents. Jimmie asserts that because my company has a 1% beneficial interest in the trust that he can put a lis pendis on the real estate and get free money.
My clients were shocked that Jimmie used to work for them, and now he is taking their confidential data and putting liens on their assets. What a tremendous conflict of interest and a breach of fiduciary trust.
Can you imagine putting trust in an attorney to work for you to protect your assets in trust; and then he says the company owes him money and he wants to get it from you? That's what he did. He would negotiate with each investor and agree to release the lien for $3500 or $4500; whatever he could get.
This caused some investors to lose their property to foreclosure as I did; and other clients like George Charnota bit the bullet and paid the scoundel off.
Jimmie has continued a vendetta against me for almost 10 years now. He repeatedly harrasses me demanding production of checking accounts, tax returns etc. Even though he can see there is no money and no assets he cannot accept the fact that I am broke. The sad part for Jimmie is that he is too stupid to understand you can't get blood out of a turnip. When people have no money and lots of time - thank goodness the internet is a tool where people can fight back against injustice. I have nothing else to lose so I am committed to fight back against this jackal.
I see other people telling their stories about Jimmie Brown on the internet. I encourage anyone reading this that has had bad experiences with Jimmie Brown to post them on the internet. Everyone he works with in the public needs to know about him. Everyone in his neighborhood needs to beware of him. Anyone at his church - every judge or attorney that knows him; only the truth can stop Mr. Brown from continuing to abuse people. We need his deeds posted on facebook, and any other domain that can shame him into stopping his evil ways.

Contact information:
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Offender: Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Missouri City
Address: 3102 Cherry Creek Drive
Phone: 7133392475

Category: Miscellaneous


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