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Unbelievable how many negative comments there are.

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Unbelievable how many negative comments there are.

A lot of them seem to be about people who don't know their own secure information. Why would you think that ANY company (read: Bank, internet company, online service where you purchase things, investment company, ISP, and on and on) would let you into an account without proper validation of the information that YOU created? If you get a rude rep because you don't know your own info, it's YOUR OWN FAULT that you can't validate, and I bet YOU are the one getting all mad because you forgot or were too irresponsible to write it down or record it somewhere.

As for website issues, a company with literally millions of customers and thousands of servers is bound to have some hiccups once in awhile. At least you can reach them by phone any time and all the reps I ever talked to were very nice.

Those guys probably get really tired of hearing people say they are a "webmaster" but don't have any clue how to use an FTP client. They probably get really tired of people calling because their account got locked for using the wrong password 5 or 6 times... I. E., making the same dumb mistake multiple times. They probably get really tired of people that don't know the difference between "it is a coding issue on your site" and "it must be the provider, I couldn't possibly have made a mistake."

Every time I've called I've gotten outstanding, no-nonsense support from professionals who seem to know what they are doing. I doubt they got as big as they did by hiring idiots or not training them well.

Are you upset about refunds? Most registrars won't refund you past a few days for a domain name, because they actually pay the registry a fee for the domain name you register, and the registry won't refund their money past a few days. That's business folks, take it or leave it. Other products, I've had no issue with being refunded the remaining time I had left on it. Why would you think a company is going to give you back your money on something you actually set up and used for 6 months? I believe they do have a satisfaction guarantee on most things for 30 days. A lot of the negative reviews I just read were people trying to get refunded for stuff they used for months. Some of them were because they got their account suspended because they were using domains for spamming people, or they set an idiotic password like "Password1" and someone hacked their that case... Serves you right if you're too dumb to use secure passwords, or use one password for ALL your different places you log in.

If you're not savvy enough to navigate menus on a website, fer goodness sake go and take a class on using the BASICS of the internet!

If you want to make a site, and don't know anything about it, call them and tell them that... Drop the stuffyass pride and ask for help. Most people will be willing to help you if you don't call them all ranting and raving that "your stuff is too hard to use!" or whatever.

There's a great support site at http://support. If you know how to use a simple search field, usually you can find your own answers without waiting on hold for 5 to 20 minutes (as someone said, at least you CAN call them and not wait 3-4 days for email support like with most companies).

The naivety of people astounds me. Can't set up an email? Check the help site. Call. Want to move emails from one account to another? I had that done just last week, without losing anything. Call them and ask. I saw one guy claiming that he couldn't get that done. That was probably because the email he wanted to move was in an account he had no access to. Why would you think any company would just move an email and contents to another account if you can't authorize them to do so with your personal information? Is that insanity? Hell yes. Some people are stupid and don't think before calling support. I think those guys and gals do a heck of a good job, because just like most places they probably have to put up with jerks all day long and they do the best they can with what they've got, and far better than most any company out there.

Well over half the negative comments I read were the user's own fault and not the fault of Go Daddy. A lot of them had very sketchy details about what went on and looked like attempts to badmouth Go Daddy because they didn't get their way because of a refund policy, lack of proper info to access an account, or just plain idiocy from someone who should go to internet school... Not to mention people who don't like the racy Superbowl ads, which in my opnion should have been moderated out of these reports as they have nothing to do with whether a person got good support or not. Whatever Go Daddy is doing, it's working, and recently I read they are steering away from the perception of sexism in their advertising, with the advent of a new CEO on board and other key big-hitters coming in from different well-recognized internet giants. If they are attracting that kind of leadership they are a force to be reckoned with.

Think Think Think people. If you don't know something don't be afraid to ask.

That said, I have had a bad experience with trying to get privacy removed from a domain, and it was an issue with them and not with me, something was stuck and they handled the email support very poorly. But that was their Domains by Proxy division, not Go Daddy themselves, and shame on them for not paying attention to someone who is savvy and does know how things work, and 4 days to remove privacy was unacceptable. The reps I talked to on the phone however were very nice and did what they could.

I recommend them 100% though, there is no better support out there. The few people that post negative reviews (and remember, people are FAR more prone to post a poor review than a good one) probably represent one in a million happy customers. I'm not saying that there aren't legitimate beefs, I'm just saying that's a pretty good testament to the masses who are pleased and won't come and post it here because they are busy people getting on with their day to day lives.

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