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Archie Richardson

Complaint / review text:
Who is ScamFRAUDalert aka SFA Reporter. Who is the SFA Reporter. The “SFA” reporter, is a derivative from Scam Fraud Alert aka www.scamfraudalert.org, a fraudulent website that steals content from reputable websites and pasts it on his. The owner of SFA - scamfraudalert is Archie Richardson and you can find him all over Google. Everyone knows who he is, he is a criminal fraud.

There is a report that he was caught with an underage boy and this is why he cannot get a job and is collecting social security. He just sits in his little low income apartment and makes up stories to TRY and get people to come to his little wordpress blog. Just dont visit it, it will soon be down.

More information:

ScamFraudAlert Owner Archie Richardson scrapes copies content from complaint. Hey WikiWarnings, thought you would like this: ScamFraudAlert Owner Archie Richardson scrapes copies content from complaint. Yes, the infamous crime fighting, investigator, journalist WANNABE!!! Has yet ANOTHER scamFRAUDalert against himself. Read this post we obtained from incomplaints.com, see what a little bitch Archie Richardson really is – laughable. THE BEST PART, IS WHEN ARCHIE RICHARDSON ATTEMPTS TO ACT INTELLIGENT…MY GOD!!! My students that I teach have a higher IQ than this Nigerian idiot..

On a regular basis complaint is the victim of websites constantly scraping / stealing our content.in the past complaint won a lawsuit against for stealing tens of thousands of pages from complaint. It is believed that website take complaint content so they can get high placement on search engines off the backs of complaint. There are many more website that have done the same thing and shut down.

The following is an email string showing how scamfraudalert.com is trying to hide that it copied content from complaint.

NOTE: the only thing complaint Removed from these emails is a name of a person who had nothing to do with these emails. Not sure who they were or why that name was in the email subject box.


From: Maria Crimi Speth

Sent: Monday, October 15,2012 6:01 PM

To: ‘[email protected]

Subject: DMCA Counternotification #949445943; #953525610; #989615929;

#1012385245; #1025097753; #1025097753; #1025101990; #1025116897; #1031738201; #1033187766

Dear Google:

This is to notify you that the posts which were the subject of the above referenced DMCA notices and counternotifications have been removed by Scamfraudalert.com.

Following Scamfraudalert.com’s submission of the counternotification, the operator admitted that he had copied the posts but refused to withdraw his counternotification. He admitted that the only reason he sent the counternotification was because “I do not want [G]oogle searches of scamfraudalert showing a DMCA Notice from. This is important to me.” (email below).

The operator of Scamfraudalert made the following commitment: “Posts that have been copied and ED has expressed dissatisfaction, I will modify each and ever one to avoid any infringement and going forward in the future will not copied (sic) or scraped (sic) ROR reports.” (email below).

In summary, Scamfraudalert.com submitted a false counterfnotification to Google solely because they knew it looked bad on them to have scraped incomplaints.com content.

Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.

Jaburg & Wilk, P. C.

3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000

Phoenix, AZ 85012


From: ScamFraudAlert [mailto: [email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, October 02,2012 10:06 PM

To: Maria Crimi Speth

Subject: re: help out here

As you are aware, the site is offline.

Once the site gets back up and running, I will remove all infringing materials as identified by google.

Thank you


On Tue, Oct 2,2012 at 9:00 PM,

From: Maria Crimi Speth

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

   State: 115 N Chevy Chase Drive – Apartment B – Glendale, Ca 91206 - See Mo

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