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Verizon Wireless
Customer service

Ive been with vetizon for over 2 which has been the worst service, and that company will not work with the consumers. I called to have global service added to my account. MY Son is serving our country and is DEPLOYED at this time. Verizon refuse to add that service and showed no interest in providing that sevice too ...

Manipulative Company

We've been with Sprint for quite some while, and they just keep telling us lies. We constantly call back about fixing problems. For example. Our cellular devices NEVER have signal and they just keep skyrocketing the price to an unbelievable amount. We only payed the original amount stated once until the price skyrocketed. This ...

Verizon Wireless
Don't ever get verizon!

Whenever you have a problem, verizon reps will NOT help you at all! All they ever say is that they know how we feel and that there is nothing that they can help with. I have been told 5 different things from 5 different reps about my situation with my phone and none have them have done anything to help me. Now I come to realize ...