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Worst company eve

I though I was going to get a service based company when switching to sprint for my phone service. After months of grief with service, I called them many times to come up with a solution for dropped calls, no service at all, and so on. I was told that I could rent a machine to put in my house, that would use the internet to ...

Customer Service STINKS! - Iphone

I recently got my cellular phone service through VERIZON BIG MISTAKE!!! I was lied to by Customer service about the cost of their plan Then when I went to a Corparate store RENTON LANDING LOCATION A representative misled me over the phone And when I got to the store All of sudden the plan price changed With a smile on ...

Unhappy Costume

I am paying $96 dollars a months for unlimited everything. Not too bad except for the fact that I rarely have good service and most of the time have shotty reception when I'm talking on the phone. Recently my phone quit so I ordered a new one, covered by my insurance. I left a phone number but was never contacted when my phone ...