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Samsung - note edge - samsung note edge

To whom it may concern, I am a long time user of android phones and system, along with Samsung. I recently purchased a Samsung note edge 4. After the long anticipation, I was one of the very few to get the new edge alone with the latest s-gear watch. I use my phone on a daily basis, for university, work, and home, social and ...

Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless isn't the best.

Chose verizon wireless to get better service out where I live but they're just as bad as any other if not worse! They told me they didn't have a tower near me because they couldn't find a place to put it. There's land not too far from where I live and I got permission from the owner to tell them they could put one there and ...

Sprint phone return

I returned a phone on 3/31/15 to a local sprint store, to which they told me they couldn't give me cash back and that they would have to send a check in the mail and that it would take up to two weeks. I waited and received no check so I called customer service to find ut where it was and they didn't know what happened to it ...