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Cricket Wireless
Cricket Stinks - Bad Customer Service

My phone broke, I had insurance. I thought it was stupid to buy insurance but did because the phone was $500. Of course there's a $200 deductible. I probably could have bought a used phone for close to that. Anyway, you go to the physical store and all they do is call the general 1-800 customer service number and hand you the ...

Cancellation & billing

I regret being loyal to sprint for 6yrs they are a bunch of thief. Not only do they charge very high fees. But they never want to credit you for any of their issues. I paid my moms for for yrs and she never had good service in her area. I had to get internet at her home in other for them to give me a router that will make her ...

Sprint cell phone service. Horrible service!

This is the worse company! Nothing but problems and nobody seems to be able to correct a simple problem. Promised a discount because I work for a school district after supplying proper document multiple times they constantly can't find it. So frustrating and each phone call is like starting all over. Beware DO NOT GO TO SPRINT! ...