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Metro PCS Unlimited Wireless
No Mobile Service

Fields to complete the review I bought my LG6 from Metro Pcs it was working fine where I lived until I moved about 7 miles 15 minutes away from where I used to live. I can't use my phone in or around my apartment there is no data signal. I did a little research by asking my neighbors did they have trouble with thier mobile ...

Samsung cell phone

I was a customer of sprint for about 10 years I had nothing fancy just a couple of flip phones basic service. Well in 2013 I started having trouble with new phones I had just gotten with bad reception, dropped calls, and calls not going through at all. Well I called several times on this problem and every time sprint told me ...

Sprint lies about cutting bill in half

I'm a sprint customer I recently changed from at&t because I thought I was over paying with them and I saw that sprint could cut your bill in half and they told me that I would only be paying around 190.00 at the most with taxes and everything included as the first month went by the bill was still high and for this months bill ...