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Terrible company

It is very bad company. The commutation is very bad. And also they have worse customer service ever. They scam customers. As soon as I finish my contract I will not renew with them. And they laid to me about my discount and I called every time they find different lie ...

Horrible they try and rip you off

I was a customer with sprint for a couple years and the decided to cancel the service. Their customer service while i was with them was good but until i wanted to cancel. They hit me with the ETF fee and the balance on the i financed whatever. So i paid it and the lady tells me that i was paying for my ETF fee and the balance ...

Sprint Terrible Coverage

I switched from AT&T to Sprint because I lost my phone and was not due for an upgrade. When comparing plans, I determined that I would save almost $10/month by moving to Sprint. If I'd known the huge difference I would see in coverage, I would gladly have paid the additional $10 with AT&T. I live in an urban area and I find ...