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District Mail
Never placed my advert

I use this newspaper local community paper to advertise my business in as. Qualified plumber, my add was in last week and the add looked so bad that I contacted them and the lady put me through to johannes, who informed me and agreed that my add didn't look nice and that the colour was all wrong. He promised me that he would ...

Sunday Times

I subscribed for the newspaper and i never received one, only to find that my adress was incorrectly captured, i rectified my adress, was promised to receive the newspaper still i didnt. The debit order went on 26th October 2014 I cancelled the subscription and still waiitng for refund. Every time when you call, the matter ...

Media24 Magazines

I ordered the Ideas magazine for my mum on 22 Dec 2014, I did an eft the same day, proof of payment was emailed. I was advised that she would receive the magazines in Feb as they were closed for the January subscription. I was called a few days after the payment to enquire about the delivery address, which I had originally ...