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Pieter Lourens

To whom concerned. I've been without email service since June 2020. Numerous calls has been made to Telkom for assistance, but it was in vain . I cannot send or receive email to my [email protected] account and I'm sure that there might be hundreds of email that I could not read. It will be very kind of you if this problem ...

Took my money

On the 24th of July..the telesave took R90 out of my account..I dont even know who telesave is and i dont understand why they would take money from my account . I'm scared they might take more money as time goes by. Please help ...

Incompetent Attorney

Sharon Govender Suite 1417 Durdoc Centre 460 Anton Lemebede (Smith Street) Since 2016 Sharon Govender was appointed in winding the late estate of my Grandfather. Due to her incompetence an delays on winding the estate. My grandmother the sole beneficiary of the estate was unable to sell her property. Unfortunately she ...