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Gobel & Partner Ltd
Descrimination woman in pregnancy

I would like to denounce the behavior by a manager or your tim leader, John H, at Johnson Control in the Estuary park Speke Liverpool, for discrimination against Mrs Julie Halewood, mother of two children, and pregnant in the fourth month, after 10 weeks hard work at JCI liverpool, next to the contract in two weeks, is ...

Ullet Road Post Office
Very bad customer service received

He lady behind the counter had a cold she said and wasn't well, I couldn't hear her and asked her to speak up a little. She violently respnd d that's she's sick! There was no need for her attitude and in the end I had to leave the post office. Very bad customer service as I'm not one to complain her attitude was simply ...

ASDA Coatbridge
Face didn't fit

Self service check out woman was too busy to help me but helped another woman without prompting, after I asked for assistance I was told I would just have to wait! After a while she came over and said nothing but then locked eyes in an aggressive stare contest and then confronted me "what did you say?" After not having said ...

ASDA Bexleyheath
Bad customer service

You have really grumpy old woman working in your store she has no manners couldn't take her name as she kept hiding her name badge... Honestly she doesn't deserve to work there she has bad customer service... She's quite short wrinkley skin and really impatient ...