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Unbelievable poor service

I ordered an item and paid for 2 Day Priority Service. Now on day 4 after the package was picked up by USPS the package has been misrouted. Why do you think I paid for 2 Day Service if I didn't need the item. This is not the first time this has happened, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR SORTING IDIOTS??? I will be lucky to see this item ...

UPS is horrible! Im on the phone with them for over 1 hr 45 min with employee Selena who tell me to hold for a supervisor!

# attempt made to pick up make package after the delivery guy didn't leave at the office. I was home but he knocks & leaves quickly because I live in apt! The supervisor finally says you can go the the hub & pick it up. Nope. Its in the trailer & no one can go back there & get it out! Wow. I have never ever given a bad survey ...