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Chp - California Highway Patrol
California Highway Patrol ticket for being in wrong lane when the code on ticket is for speeding $133.00 They have a hard on for truckers He could have cb him and told him to move. Police harassment & misconduct

My husband is a long haul truck driver. He was supposedly in the wrong lane. Saw no postings to that effect until he was leaving california 60 miles down the road after he had recieved the ticket. Chp is havin sweeps to look for bad truck drivers. My husband is not one. All the officer would have to do was to cb him and tell ...

Anne And Joe Phillips Silver Birches Resort
Ripoff, liars, ignorant, rude, dishonest, verbally abusive, hate children, run like a boot camp

My family had been dealing with Silver Birches Resort for 20 years and then it was sold to Anne and Joe Phillips who now run it like a boot camp. My Aunt now owns a trailer home there and they tell her who is allowed to come or not, everyone has to sign in and out and even pay, including family. There is no smoking in any of ...

Byrne Creek Co-op, Judith Paden (Maintenance Committee)
Byrne Creek Co-op, Judith Paden Withheld a large sum of money from my damage deposit to repair damage done by past tenants. Tricked and lied to us

My family and I have lived at 314-7028 17th Ave., Burnaby, B. C., Canada (Byrne Creek Housing Co-op) for about 2 years from August 2000 up until mid May of 2002. When we moved in, we mentioned to the Maintenance Committee IN WRITING and verbally several times about the poor condition of our units' carpeting, but nothing had ...