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Labuschagne management services
Pathetic group

What a pathetic group of people...I have rented a flat and then a garage from a owner of De Akkers complex. After some "complaints" of the same old two ladies, I was asked for a inspection. The inspection was for the fact that I run a company and sleep in a garage but after numerous emails, they decided not to come as the owner ...

Annalette Properties
Deposit money

We rented a flat through Annelette properties, after a year the contract states that it would change to month to month contract. We gave 1 month's notice now that we want the deposit back she is deducting R800 as we are not giving 60 days notice. She is also deducting R250 for a new contract, which never happened. The so called ...

CastleRock REO aka
False Advertizing

Spotted a couple Signs on a Property that sated For Sale and stated Cash Price. After looking at the property and getting access code from Realtor. We called the Realtor back within mins and stated that we would pay the price stated in Cash, and ask to set up a meeting to do the sale. Patty the Realtor from Castle Rock then ...

Terracorp Management Inc
Terracorp are slumlords

We've had endless problems with our unit at 695 Talbot St in London Ontario. For the last 2 and a half years they have been aware of the appalling condition of the vanity unit, with a rust hole in the sink. We still have this sink and despite a lot of promises nothing has been done. They told everyone with the old vanities ...

Smile Propery group
Deposit thieves

2 years ago I decided to rent a unit against my better judgement, from Smile Properties. I was apprehensive due to the long list of unpleasant complaints I saw on Hellopeter, but I was also desperate, I took the place on offer until my contract came to an end in December 2017. Inspection was carried out on 27 December 2017. I ...