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My husband and I went to Home Depot in June of 2000 to look at laminate flooring. We were helped by Tony (a flooring associate) who introduced us to the wonders fo Pergo flooring. He showed us a certain kind called "oak block" and told us how easy it was to care for and how easy it was to install. He also told us about the pros and cons of Pergo flooring and asked us the dimensions of our rooms. My husband gave him the dimensions of our entire downstairs, including the kitchen and bathroom.

We purchased 23 boxes of this flooring along with the glue, foam under padding, acetone, and other tools necessary to do this project. Upon starting the project, my husband and I had some minor difficulties, but if we went to see Tony, he helped in any way.

Upon finishing my LR and Kitchen floors, my husband and I noticed that there was overlapping at the long seams of the planks. I went in to talk to Tony who proceeded to call Pergo and put me on the phone with a Pergo rep. I talked with the gentleman and he informed me to call back to set up a time when a rep could come to our the meantime, I went back to HD and purchased 21 more boxes of flooring. With this flooring I began and finished my daughter's room and it came out perfect.

I decided to go ahead and do the bathroom and went in to HD to ask how to go about putting the flooring down around the toilet. I spoke with a different gentleman in flooring and showed him the flooring that I was using. He told me to remove the toilet and sold me a wax ring for when I replace it. I then put in my bathroom floor and it looks great.

A few days later, I went in to HD and talked to Tony about the silicone sealant that had to go around the base of the tub. He sold me the sealant, told me to make sure that I got it all aroung the area of the room, and wrote me up an estimate for Pergo T-mouldings.

In the meantime, I had called Pergo to have a rep come and look at the LR and Kitchen floors. I was given the number of a man who is Pergo certified and he came to my home. He stated that there was something wrong with the wood and that Pergo needed to replace it. I called Pergo back and they told me to file my claim through HD. I went to HD the next day with my receipt and the woman at the front desk began to ring in the information. She then informed me that this flooring WAS NOT made by Pergo. It then took three employees an hour and a half to figure out where the flooring came from and who manufactured it. At no point could they get in touch with a rep for this company.

I was told that one of HD's outside contractors would be in touch with me to come and take a look at the meantime, I talked with the manager (Eric B.) and several employees who really had no right to be involved in the discussion. Mr. B explained to me that he probably was not going to do anything because the flooring was not supposed to go in the kitchen or bath. I then calmly told him that I would be in touch and left.

Their outside contractor never called and so I went back in to see Mr. B. I sat down with him and explained that on the advice of his employees I had installed it in my kit and Bath and felt that HD was a bit responsible for this entire situation. He informed me that he would give my situation the best attention he possibly could and I was told that he and Tony would come to my home themselves and look at the floors.

They came the following Sunday (and were two hours late) to look. They looked at the floors and while in the kitchen Tony recommended a plank replacement and I said that I did not want these floors in my kitchen or bath because I was told that they could not go in those rooms. He said, "Oh I sell these to people all the time for the kitchen and bath."

His manager heard him say this and said, "No, they cannot go in the kitchen or bath." Tony and Eric agreed that the floors did not go together right, measured my kit and Bath and told us that they would be back in touch with us no later than evening of the next day. Needless to say, we called them three days later after hearing nothing. Tony informed my husband that they were going to refund the money spent on the kitchen and bath, but were not too sure about the LR.

They simply wanted to do a plank replacement, however, there are 10 places that need plank replacements and that would cost over $1500. To simply replace the floor altogether would only cost about $1400. The next day I went into HD to talk to Tony. He informed me that he had found a flooring inspector that was neutral (not an HD contractor, not a contractor for the flooring company, etc.) who was going to call me to come look at the floors.

He then showed me some actual PERGO flooring that is currently on sale at 40% off. He stressed how great a deal this is. We sat down and crunched numbers and I told him that there would be at least a $500 difference and that I felt that was unfair. I told him that I felt like I should not have to pay the difference because since he had given me the wrong advice, I now had to rip up my current flooring, and replace it with more expensive flooring.

Tony's response to me was, "Well, all I can say is that we are only in this to make money." He also said that he was going to attempt to get the flooring inspector to convince the flooring company to pay for all three rooms that need to be replaced. He also asked me to not mention to the inspecor that he had given me advice on how to put the floors in my kit and bath. (I will say that putting in the first set of floors was a HUGE, time-consuming job. I probably spent well over 100 hours doing these four rooms.)

The flooring we bought initially cost about $1300 (this does not include glue, spacers, foam, tapping block, putty, a door jamb saw, etc) and I did the actual flooring) and that price will shoot up almost $550 because of the difference in cost. This cost only covers the simple planks, it does not include extras or the fact that I now have to do this work all over again.

The next day I went to talk to the manager again and he was much more interested in what was going on in his store then what I was saying. (The only time this man has been the least bit attentive or polite to me is when my husband was around.) I told him what Tony had said the previous day and he just blew it off. I also told him that I thought making the flooring company pay for the kitchen and bath was unfair because it was the employees of this HD store who gave me the advice and that's why we were all in this situation. I asked him about the flooring inspector and he told me that the man worked for the flooring company (yet another contradiction between these two).

I gave him a scenario about how to settle this, and in between looking at his registers, he basically said that he felt like my husband and I needed to accept some responsibility for the situation. I told him that we do, but as far as financially, I have certainly put in more that $550 worth of work and reminded him that if it had been professionally done, it would have cost over $2000. He sighed, looked down at me, and said, "I tell you what, you write down a couple of scenarios that appeal to you, get copies of all of your receipts, and get that to me as soon as possible. O. K., Mrs. C?" I was so angry and did not want to explode, so I left.

At this point (1-06-2002), I have four rooms that have the flooring, three that need to be removed and redone. So far I have heard nothing from the flooring inspector and am not sure who he even represents. I am waiting for him so that I can get an idea of what I am supposed to do. While waiting, I am considering speaking with a lawyer, hiring my own flooring inspector, and possibly contacting the local news to get this story out because it may save someone for making a big mistake by shopping at this store.

It is certainly not worth the expense of hiring an attorney, who would very quickly make the cost of the flooring look miniscule. If the parties can't work this out, Sharon can sue Home Depot in Small Claims Court for whatever she thinks the store owes her. She cannot make any claims for her labor, only for materials.

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