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I contacted Blue World Pools the second week of June to see about purchasing a pool. I was told a sales rep would be out to see me in the next day or 2. Sales rep called and said it was too late, he'd come the next day. Next day no call no show. The next day, he didn't call so I called the company. Sales rep finally called at 6 pm, said he'd be there in a couple hours. 830 he shows up. We express we only want the pool if it can be in by the 4th. He says it'll be close but it takes 2-3 weeks for this process so they will make us a "show home" which expedites things. Ok... Next.

Nothing happens for the 3-day waiting period in which you really know nothing as far as interest rates. So if you base your decision on that it'll be too late. A week later I get a call from financing. They tell me they are gonna upgrade the pool to a deluxe for 8,000 more but my payment would stay the same because the interest rate was half of the state max if I took this deal. Of course I took the deal... Better interest = less money over time. Now the paperwork goes to the installation dept. And sets. I get mad and call Kevin. Explain to him that this is a long drawn out process which the date I was told it would be in around, has not held true. I want to cancel the contract. He informs me I will have to pay 6,000 dollars and they will put a lien on the property if I don't pay it. Keep in mind I've already put a 1000 dollars down.

He then says, “For your inconvenience, I'll deduct 2,000 dollars off the purchase price.” Great! We are now at July 2, clearly not getting a pool by the 4th. Now the paperwork has to go back to finance to be reworked so we repeat the process. Financing calls then this lady from installation (Janita) calls, goes over terms, and said she will be giving the paperwork to the installer the next morning. July 8, I still have not heard from the installer. I call back and Janita said she asked for 7-10 business days after the installer got the paperwork for him to contact me. At this point I've had enough because I thought 7-10 days was the timeframe for the installation.

Here we are today, July 14th. I call Janita again to see why the installer still has not called me. She says, "Let me give you his number, you can call him." So I did, the number was disconnected. I call back Janita answers immediately, asked me if I could hold. I waited 5 min. Hung up called back. A man answered, I explained that the number she gave me was disconnected. He said, "I'll look for another contact number." Eventually he says the one he has says the mailbox is full and he'd have him contact me when they could get a hold of him.

I said, "Well, I've spoke with Kevin already and I'm not very happy." He interrupts me and says, "Threatening me with Kevin don't scare me, I'll carry you to Kevin anytime you wanna talk to him. You're not gonna threaten me with that." I said, "Fine put me through to his voicemail." He doesn't come in until 1 so I know it'll be voicemail I get. I left him a message to call back. This has been nothing but a nightmare! Don't do business with these runarounds!!!

Updated on August 5,2015: As asked per this company I am following up with my original post regarding their company. We were scheduled for our pool to be installed on July 25,2015. The installer called and said he would be out at 11:30 on Sat the 25th. I waited until 130 that day and called to make sure he was still coming, at which time he said he was and was about 2 hours out, his helper had quit on him that morning and he had been given a wrong pool and had to go back to the warehouse so this put him behind. At 5:30 he still was not there and I called back. At which time he said he was an hour out. 6:30 pm he and one other person show up to install my pool which is said to be a 6-8 hour job. (Note the time is 630 P.M.).

They unload their equipment and begin working. Clearly neither knew much about operating this machine they brought to do the dirt work, because at 2 different times they turned the equipment over while working that night. At 2:30 AM they decided to call it a night, the dirt work was still not complete. They come back Sunday morning at approximately 8 am. Begin working the dirt once again. They continue this process until 9:30 Sunday night and decide to leave going back home to Muncie, Indiana because they had another pool to pick up Monday morning and they would be back sometime Monday to finish my pool installation.

Monday came, no installers by 3:30 so I called the installer and he said he had a family emergency and wouldn't be there but would be out on tues for sure first thing on Tues morning. (Why no courtesy call?) Tuesday at 1:30 pm the installer still had not shown up so I called him and got voice mail. I called directly to Blue World Pools (which the installer had repeatedly told me not to do). I was put on a 3 way call between Blue World Pools and the installer. He didn't answer them either. A second 3 way call was made, and he answered. At this time the installer told his boss his truck had died and he was 5 miles from my house and I needed to be calling him NOT Blue World Pools.

I got home to find him, a female, and a child finishing my pool installation at 4 pm. The installer never spoke with me. They finished the pool installation at 10:30 pm at which time he had my fiance sign the paper work. (The loan is in MY name NOT my fiance AND he told my fiance to sign MY name.) Now, I was told I would be asked to take pictures with the pool. I wasn't, I was told I would have to sign papers after the install. I wasn't. A 6-8 hour job took 4 days. My fiance and I both missed 3 extra days of work. 1 which was double time pay for my fiance. Next, it takes a few days to fill the pool up. Thursday morning I was called to see if everything was ok with the pool. At that point, I thought it was, however, the pool hadn't finished filling up.

When I got home Thurs afternoon it was leaking from the return, and around the skimmer. I called to report this and was told they would send someone out to fix it. It has been 6 days and NO ONE has came nor called. So we are paying a higher water bill now due to this significant leak. I just got off the phone with the service department which informed me they were never told about this problem but will send someone out this week. When called from the company to ask questions regarding if I was happy with the install, the installer etc, I was told the call was being recorded for my protection, ok. I answered honestly, and was told they would have to "come back to those questions."

By the time I was done answering questions, she said a manager would have to call me back, which never happened. Apparently they didn't want what I had to say recorded. I hope anyone considering buying a pool from these people really do your research because this is an experience I wouldn't wish on no one. I will say the BEGINNING, I was given a "credit" toward the purchase of my pool. But this is not near sufficient enough for the hell we have been put through, the time we have lost from work, the time we have lost from being able to use the pool nor the time put into numerous phone calls trying to get problems solved. And now, I have no idea how many gallons of water we will have lost and paid for due to leaks that have yet to be fixed.

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Offender: Blue World Pools

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Reno   Zip: 89521
Address: 9120 Double Diamond Suite 4925
Phone: 8668991927

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