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My husband and I began shopping exclusively at the Home Depot shortly after purchasing our home in Kentucky in May 1999. We have enjoyed our shopping experiences and have spent an average of $150 per month each month since then. However, due to a recent experience with the Kentucky store flooring department, we have reevaluated where we will make our purchases and are advising our friends and relatives to do the same.

On July 26,2000, we purchased Pergo (original, gunstock oak) flooring for our kitchen, laundry room and two bathrooms totaling $1,641.11.included in the purchase price was $80 for the removal and re-installation of both toilets as well as a delivery fee. We were immediately scheduled for installation on August 24,2000.

On August 24 around 9:00am, the installation crew showed up at our front door. The crew appeared very rough and I was not sure whether they were there to rob me or install my flooring. One member of the crew sported a t-shirt that said, 100% whoop ass. Personally, I would NEVER have allowed them to enter my home if my husband had not been there. At that time, everything appeared to go well with the installation. The next day, my husband and I noticed several matters that concerned us. Both toilets were leaking, there was a 1 gap between the kitchen floor and the cabinet, our dishwasher would not fit into the original location and there were several spots where it appeared the top layer of the Pergo was coming apart.

On Friday, August 25, we visited the Home Depot and spoke with a flooring department associate. She agreed to contact the installer with our issues. The installer stopped by on Monday, August 28. He fixed the leaky toilets, filled the gap between the kitchen floor and cabinet and called Home Depot to suggest a Pergo inspector look at the spots where the product appeared to be separating. My husband and I were informed of the proper paper channel for the situation. It was our understanding that it would require an inspection by someone certified by the manufacturer and a written report being submitted to Pergo. The Home Depot and my husband and I would receive a copy of the report. Pergo would review the report and issue an opinion, which would determine if our floor would be replaced.

On September 13, Michael McK conducted an inspection of the flooring. To date, we have not received a copy of the report. On Wednesday, October 25, I had not heard anything about the flooring. I called the Home Depot and spoke with Mitch T in the flooring department. He said that he was working on my file and I had been approved, by Pergo, for a free replacement. At that time, I asked him if I would have my floor by the holidays, specifying Thanksgiving of this year. He replied yes. He promised that a new installer would call to schedule the installation.

The installation contractor scheduler, Dana F, called on November 13 and scheduled our new installation for November 28, five days after Thanksgiving. At that time, Dana said that she would call Home Depot to request the product be delivered. We were unhappy with this date because we wanted our floor fixed prior to Thanksgiving, but what choice did we have? After all, we had purchased the floor four months earlier.

On Sunday, November 26, my husband and I went to the Home Depot flooring department and spoke with James, a flooring department associate. We informed James that we were scheduled for a Pergo replacement installation on Tuesday and the product had not been delivered. Therefore, due to the products acclamation period, the installer had nothing to install and they needed to notify him that he did not need to show up. At that point, James offered to allow us to take the product home with us. We refused because we had originally paid $45 for delivery, $25 delivery plus an additional $20 to bring the product inside our home. James then attempted to contact Mitch at home, but was unsuccessful. He took my name and cell number and promised to leave Mitch a note detailing the ordeal. Additionally, he promised that Mitch would call me on Monday, November 27.

Monday, November 27, no call from Mitch or anyone at Home Depot. Tuesday, November 28, I received a call from the installer to re-schedule the installation. We scheduled Friday, December 1, eighteen and one half weeks after the purchase date. We could understand waiting almost five months for a special order flooring, but not for something that is always in abundance at your store. I immediately called Home Depot to speak with Mitch. He informed me that he had received a message regarding my situation on Monday, but left the store before taking care of it. He then continued to say that the store goes to great strides to notify the customer of the acclamation period for the product and we should have had some red flags going off when we saw that our installation date was approaching and we did not have the product. I informed Mr. Mitch that we were not going to accept any blame and that my husband and I attempted to fix the situation when I went to the store on Sunday, November 26 and noted that we were scheduled for an installation and had no Pergo. Mitch promised to arrange delivery for that afternoon, November 28 and referred me to the assistant store manager, Gary K. I spoke with Gary and he said that he personally would be delivering the product.

I informed him that I was very unhappy with the entire situation and simply replacing my floor would not compensate for the ordeal. Gary immediately agreed to refund my delivery fee, $45. When Gary delivered the product, he informed me that the store manager, Jim Householder, had approved either a $100 gift certificate or $100 credited to our charge account. Wow! I am thoroughly impressed. I am pleased to know exactly how much you value your customers as well as their time. That is 6.0934%. I understand bottom lines and I promise that I will do my best to affect yours.

Word of mouth is the best advertising. Friday, December 1,2000, the installation crew arrived promptly at 9:00am. They were very professional and knowledgeable of the product. Upon pointing out our concerns and issues regarding specifics about the flooring, they began setting up, moving appliances and inspecting the products that were delivered on Tuesday, November 28. Immediately, they discovered that the wrong color Pergo had been delivered and therefore installation was, yet again, impossible. The installation crew phoned their supervisor and the installation scheduler, Dana, to inform them of the error. We rescheduled installation for Thursday, December 7,2000 at 9:00am. I immediately called the Home Depot and requested to speak with Gary, who agreed to arrange delivery that day.

I waited for delivery notice until 5:15pm. At 5:30pm, Gary left a message requesting to deliver the product. Saturday, December 2 at 12:15pm, my husband phoned the Home Depot and requested to speak with Gary K to arrange delivery. Mr. K returned the call at 2:00pm. I informed Gary that my husband and I would only be home to accept delivery between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. At 4:30pm, Gary arrived with the product. My husband informed Mr. Kingsley that the $100 gift certificate offer made by the store manager, Jim H, was not acceptable. Gary immediately informed him that Mr. H had agreed to reimburse me for one day of lost wages, $400. At no point had Gary made this offer to me. My husband informed Gary that the only offer we would accept would be a full reimbursement of the purchase price, $1,641.11 and replacement of the flooring or that I be reimbursed for 3 days lost wages, $1,200 and replacement of the flooring. If our offer was not accepted, we were to be fully reimbursed for the flooring, they were to remove the current flooring and restore our linoleum to the original condition. Gary informed us that he would need to speak with the store manager. We reiterated that we will never again shop at the Home Depot.

On Sunday, December 3, Mr. K called and said that he had spoken with Jim H and that their original offer stood. My husband informed them that was unacceptable to us and that they we would contact them on Monday. Monday, December 4, my husband called and spoke with the regional manager. After explaining our situation, the regional manager spoke with Mr. H and informed both my husband and myself that they would reimburse us $800 or 2 days of my lost wages. We agreed to the offer. Several days later, two $400 money orders from Home Depot arrived in the mail.

On Thursday, December 7, the installers (Al, Sean and Jason) arrived promptly at 9:00 am. At that time, they informed me that it was going to take them two days due to the fact that they had to remove the original flooring and install the new. I told them that this was totally unacceptable and they decided that they would complete the process that day. They removed the original flooring along with the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. After completing the installation, they returned my appliances to their original position and told me that they would have to replace a t-mold strip in one of the bathrooms because it was damaged during installation. I asked if anything else needed to be done and they said no.

On Monday, December 11, my husband and I woke to find our kitchen floor soaked! Apparently, the dishwasher was not installed correctly and had released the water underneath our new Pergo floor. We immediately called the Home Depot and Dana to report the incident. Dana scheduled Al to come by my home on Wednesday, December 13 to remove the wet flooring and for Sean to install a new floor on Saturday, December 15. Wednesday, December 13 Al visited my home. He, by himself, removed the the process, he managed to dent the refrigerator, and chip the wall beside it.

Saturday, December 15 Sean and Jason arrive to install kitchen floor number three. At this time, I pointed out that my bottom cabinets had suffered some water damage. Sean called his boss, Bill, before beginning the installation. He informed me that Bill would need to look at the cabinets before anything could be done about them. However, installation would be carried through with the exception of the corner rounds, which would be complete after the cabinets were fixed. Monday, January 8,2001 I phoned Dana to inquire why no one had contacted me since the December 15 installation. She said that she was not familiar with my situation and that she would need to speak with Bill.

Tuesday, January 9 Dana calls me and informs me that she has faxed my file to Bill and that I should hear from him soon. Monday, January 15 I receive a phone call from Bill indicating that he was in the area and would like to stop by to look at my kitchen cabinets. Upon arriving, I pointed out the following issues: a t-molding of the wrong color was used in one of the bathrooms, another t-mold in the same bathroom was cracked, the water damage on the cabinets, a dent in my refrigerator and chips on my wall. Bill agreed to have the t-molds replaced with the correct ones and acknowledged that the cabinets were damaged. He suggested that the kick boards around the bottom cabinets be removed, leaving them black underneath and that they place a piece of molding over the end of the cabinet to conceal the water damage. No mention was made of the dent in the refrigerator or chips in the wall.

I informed Bill that this was in no way acceptable. He explained that, he would hate to see Sean have to buy me some new cabinets. I quickly responded that I would hate to see Sean have to buy me some new cabinets also, but they were not damaged before his crew installed my flooring and I did not want to purchase new cabinets. He then explained that he would need to speak with Mitch from Home Depot, who would have to look at the cabinets. Wednesday, February 21 I still had heard nothing from either the contractor or Home Depot. I called Dana and she said that she would have to speak with Bill. She quickly returned my call and stated that she had spoken with Bill, who was waiting on Mitch from Home Depot. Dana also stated that she had phoned Mitch, but he was in a meeting and he would call me to discuss the cabinets.

Wednesday, April 4 I called the Home Depot and requested to speak to Mitch. Mitch said that he was waiting on me to call him about the Pergo floor. He immediately pointed the finger at me. He said that the installers did not remove my dishwasher, but simply put it back into place out of courtesy; that the contractor had offered to repair my cabinets, but I had declined and that he would call the contractor while I was on the line. He called the contractor and said that they needed to schedule a time to come by my house and look at the floor and the cabinets. Bill said that he would be in the area on Friday, April 13. I suggested a weekend date because I have missed enough work due to these issues and Mitch immediately said that he and Bill only worked Monday through Friday. I have been more than polite through this entire ordeal and I would hate to in any way inconvenience them!

Mitch further went on to comment that they were willing to repair my floor and cabinets, but I would have to make sure that I could be home in order for them to do it. At this point, I had taken enough of their abuse and said that I would give them one half hour on Friday, April 13 at 11:30 am and commented that I was tired of taking the blame for their mistakes. Mitch then said that he cannot follow up on events when he is waiting on me. I then said that I did not feel like I should have to harass them when they are aware of my problem and that they should address issues they know are outstanding. Further, I was NEVER informed that I was to tell them anything. When Bill left my home on January 15 he said that he would talk to Mitch about the cabinets and get back with me.

Again, on February 21, when I called Dana, she told me that she would have Mitch call me to schedule an appointment to look at my cabinets. I can see where I would get confused. Shortly after speaking with Mitch and Bill I contacted your customer affairs department. I spoke with a very polite man that listened to my story and then said that he would forward the complaint to Jim H who would contact me. NEVER during the entire ordeal has Mr. H contacted me. When my husband and I requested speaking to the store manager initially, we were directed to Mr. K. I also called Dana to verify that she had indeed told me that she had spoke with Mitch on February 21 and that he would be calling me. She confirmed and further stated that not only did she speak with him, but she had also faxed him her job summary for the week and had made a notation at the bottom of it that I had issues outstanding that he needed to resolve.

Mitch calls me and states that per Jim Householder, the appointment to look at my cabinets on April 13 had been cancelled because the contractor was turning it over to his insurance company. I would wait to hear from them. Together, my husband and I have invested a significant amount of time into this addition to the original installation time, one of us had to be home for the original installer to stop by on Monday, August 25, the inspection (approximately 3 hours), the November 28 installation, which did not happen, the December 1 installation, which did not happen, the December 7 installation, December 13 for the damaged flooring to be removed and on December 16 for the most recent installation.

I am self-employed. If I do not go to work, I do not earn anything. As a professional, my time alone is worth far more than the flooring originally cost! Please allow me to state again that my husband and I are disgusted with the entire experience. Our time is extremely valuable and we do not intend to spend much more of it dealing with this matter.

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