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The Kris Kelly Foundation, Kris Kelly
Alicia Cozolino, Kris Kelly Kris Kelly Foundation Kris Kelly, The Kris Kelly "Foundation" is a Complete Fraud.

On the Kris Kelly Foundation page, as well as other news article about Kris Kelly, she states, " "I don't rescue animals, they rescue me." Ya got THAT right! She pockes all the money from them! D*n straight they are rescuing HER! This organization, 'foundation", "rescue" is a joke. The woman buys clothes, jewelery and pays ...

Good cause ventures
Paul gaudet. Michael oulette stealing from the public and employees. Taking donations for charities for themselves

I worked for good cause ventures last year with the idea that we were raising money for non profits and a SMALL portion of the money was used for payroll. Boy was i wrong! The money lined the owners pockets. They say 20% of the donations went to make a wish and American diabetes. That is crazy enough that peoples donations ...