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Reviews, complaints, fraud and scams reports

Goodwill Industries of Delaware & Delaware County
Goodwill takes the "no harrassment" approach and blames and punishes victim... Not the abuser!

A friend of mine who is pregnant was recently verbally and violently threatened by a coworker. She went immediately to her supervisor and filed a complaint with the co-worker. She thought she was doing the professional thing. She refuses to go back t that location and requested an immediate transfer. However, Human Resources ...

Prestige Sales, LLC
Prestige is working their Book Scam in Pecan Grove outside Richmond, Texas and I was scammed by Barry Johann

My story is not much different from most of the other victims of Prestige Sales, LLC. A "home schooled" student named "Barry Johann" came to my door asking me to help earn points so he could attend a Soccer Tournament in Europe. Lives in the neighborhood; his mom walks her two boxers on our street; yada, yada, yada. He used ...